I popped into Walmart last night to pick up a few things and turned a corner and was hit with the pungent aroma of suntan lotion/oil. It stopped me in my tracks it smelled so good. Someone had squirted a mess in the floor. 

For a minute I could close my eyes and feel the heat of the sun and the breeze coming in off the water, dozens of oil slicked bodies danced around in my mind. 

Then my eyes opened I remembered I needed to get some milk. Well, it was nice for 32.3 seconds.


I just brewed some coffee sans said coffee.

I wish that were brewing some coffee sans pants on some undisclosed island location.

There are wants and needs. 

This is a  waneed.  🙂

Outdoor shower with a built in  bench. Looks interesting

95-100 degree days are fine if you are at the beach to enjoy them. Otherwise Mother Nature can be evil.

So while dealing with the blistering heat, I’ll think cool thoughts and daydream about a cabin in the snow. 

A private beach, cold and strong 

Piña coladas, nice fire, good food and company.

Would be nice