The first song this morning was Warren Zevon’s cover of the Steve Winwood hit “Back in the High Life”

Fitting lyric:

And I’ll drink and dance with one hand free
Let the world back into me and oh I’ll be a sight to see
Back in the high life again

The afternoon music kicked off with Warren Zevon’s “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”.

Favorite Line:

I’m drinking heartbreak motor oil and Bombay gin
I’ll sleep when I’m dead
Straight from the bottle, twisted again
I’ll sleep when I’m dead

The first song this morning was a cover of Warren Zevon’s “Lawyers Guns and Money” sung by The Wallflowers. This is a neat little tribute album. I’ve posted the Adam Sandler “Werewolves In London” version before, and I still think it’s quite good.

If I’m ever in London…  or if I see one anywhere. Well, it’s not like I need an excuse to eat Chinese food. 🙂

Warren Zevon opened the music on this hump day with “Carmelita”. A dark song about someone struggling with a heroin addiction.

In this early/original version he sings. “I pawned my Smith & Wesson”, and it was changed to “I pawned my Smith Corona” in most of the other versions. I wonder if the recording label forced that change.   

What do they think he meant by “pearl handled deck”, he wasn’t playing cards, he was either playing or contemplating playing russian roulette.  “Smith Corona” works for the 70′s/80′s, but the firearm reference fits the song so much better.  It sounds to me like Warren encountered a couple of those record people Tom Petty has ranted about here and there. 

Favorite Line:

I hear Mariachi static on my radio
And the tubes they glow in the dark
And I’m there with her in Ensenada
And I’m here in Echo Park

Kid Rock opens up Tuesday with “All Summer Long”. Some hate it. I love it. I think it’s a brilliant meshing of two great songs.  No, he might not have written the music, but you have to have lyrics for the song to work. I think some are just being petty. Of course on the other hand some are simply ignorant saying that he stole it. I’m  fairly certain both parties and or estates have been rewarded. 

Though part of me can see Hank Moody from “Califrnoication” bitching it about in some drunken rant that ends with his high-pitched mutha-fuckaaaaaaaaa !

It’s hard to find a girl with a heart of gold. When you’re living in a four-letter world.

-Warren Zevon “Dirty Life and Times”