I meant to post this last week after I watched it. “Final Vision”, another endeavor into the Jeffrey MacDonald case (Green Beret Doctor that killed or didn’t kill his family at Fort Bragg).

I’ve always been torn about this case ever since first reading “Fatal Vision” in middle school. My gut says he did it simply because the minor injuries that he received, compared to the brutal deaths his wife and daughters received.  However, the story is so spooky with so many strands that easily put doubt in your mind. 

From a technical stand point, I find it hard that he was found guilty, simply due to so many questions of how things were handled/mishandled/destroyed etc.   At this point, only he knows without any hint of doubt and he’s denied it from day one. Might pick up a copy of the the final book that this tv movie was based on, and a couple of others that I didn’t know were out there.



A former hostage negotiator takes a job retrieving people who are lost in a virtual reality program.

Ummm no

Happy Birthday to @Nick_Offerman and @evilhag who turn 48 and 34 today.  Maybe the sharing of a birthday helped these two mesh so well on screen. 

 I also finished the Starz show “Vida”. While I jumped the gun by saying it had a “Shamless” feel to it, it is still a gritty show about a pair of sisters returning home to deal with a slue of problems. The death of their mother, financial issues, surrounding the building/bar the mother owned, learning that their mother was married to a woman after banishing one of the daughters to live with a relative for exploring her own bi-sexuality with a girl at some point. 

It’s a good show. It’s not on the level of Shameless, but it’s a gritty colorful show. 

Earlier this week, I finished the final episode of the Starz show “Sweetbitter”. It was a short series, about a girl moving to the big city, trying to catch on an elite restaurant and is faced with the politics and competition within said restaurant. 

Ella Purnell, the 21 year old star of the show at times makes me feel like I’m watching a younger version  of Lizzy Caplan, age of 35,  (Masters of Sex, Party Down). With Purnell sharing screen time with Caitlin FitzGerald (Masters of Sex), drives that thought home.

I finished up part 5 of “The Ranch”, it is still one of the funnier shows on TV these days. Was going into this expecting to see some drastic event that took “Rooster” (Danny Masterson) out of the show, since he was fired for off-screen allegations from years ago, but that didn’t really happen. So maybe it’s open for him to return at some point. 

It’s still full of Broncos jokes, which makes it a bit more interesting. Though, I do miss them throwing shade at #fytb

Bo Derek from “Bolero”, had to go with this since she had that horrid looking hair in “10″