Over the weekend, I watched the Netflix show. “Friends From College”.  It was content.   Nothing jumped out as earth shattering funny, or some crazy story line that hasn’t been shown before. 

I was expecting it to be a but funnier than it was. 

Oh well.

Over  the past week or so, I’ve made my way through  the Netflix show “Glow”. I’ve seen the blonde (Betty Gilpin) in “Nurse Jacke” and Marc Maron in an episode of “Easy”, but outside of the guy I can’t name from “Mad Men”. It was better than I thought it would be. Seeing Maron’s car reminded me of my dad’s old Caddy. 

“Search Party” was the first movie that I watched when I tried to  take a nap over the weekend and I just couldn’t find it.

It was a bit like a carry over from “Silicon Vallley” with T.J. MIller and 

Thomas Middleditch both in it and I have yet to see Miller play any other variation of a character. It had it’s funny moments but I saw entirely too much of Richard Hendricks. 

“Suicide Squad” was the 2nd movie I watched over the weekend when I was trying to lay down to take a nap. The nap never happened, and while the movie was decent in parts, I won’t be be jumping at the bit to watch it again.  The Joker was decent but it wasn’t Jack or Heath. 

Over the weekend, I watched “Weird Science” for the first time in ages. I forgot how big of a douche Bill Paxton was in it. He played the part really well, it’s hard to believe he’s gone. Still love the 928, maybe my favorite Porsche

I watched the theatrical version of “Chips” earlier today. I like both of the guys in it a lot and while it was a far cry from the tv series I grew up watching it was funny.  The one negative thing I can say about it is that I wish they would have had cameos of other actors as opposed just Erik Estrada, but, it was good that he was included. 

It had some funny one-liners for sure.