“With the whiff”

If this were baseball, I’d be back in the dugout after whiffing on three straight pitches.

Pitch one: High and tight but I swing anyway. I get out of bed and my back is tight and I’m walking like Fred & Grady.

Pitch two: Slider a bit off the plate, but I’m late on it. I get the the trash bend out to the curb before 9(usually runs around 11) and there is water droplets on the ground where it likely turned around at the cul de sac. 

Pitch three: A nasty knuckle ball that I had no chance of connecting with. I’m attempting to put the  can of coffee back on the shelf and the lid isn’t secure, so it spreads all over the floor, so my tight back got to have fun with cleaning up ground coffee(silver lining: it was almost empty and not my new can I purchased on Monday). 

I wish dugout was code for bed, but it’s not. Would love to be able to give this day a do-over. 


I guess an $8.00 shower is better than no shower at all. 

Sometimes a hot shower late at night feels like a million bucks. This one was more like 38.52.