Animal Kingdom is back on TNT… Which means it’s time for my annual complaint that this great show would be infinitely better on HBO/Showtime/Cinemax or Starz


I’m watching “SMILF”, and Bridgette(Frankie Shaw ) is talking to her mom Tutu (Rosie O’Donnell) and the following dialog happens:

B:What were you listening to? 

T: Angela’s Ashes.


T:Trying to cheer myself up. It’s up to a really good part.
You wanna hear it? 


I cannot imagine a scenario where I would turn to the Godawful  audiobook version of “Angela’s Ashes” to “try to cheer my self up”  I had to read that book for a class in college and went with the audio tape version because I had an hour commute each way and that made it far worse.   I had fun destroying those tapes after I was finished with it. 

If I’m so down, that listening to that would be an upgrade, just start throwing dirt on me. 

No thank you. I hope I don’t have a nightmare about revisiting that. 

The 8th season of “Shameless” finished last night. To me it is still the most dynamic show on television. Watching the characters grow from season 1 has been a enjoyable experience.  


Frank is Frank. He’s going to Frank. He’s self-centered 97.5% of the time, but he will do what he can for others when he can, but will also take advantage of them as well. 


She’s grown a lot and it is still a surprise she doesn’t have a piss ant or two on her hip, but she seems to have her shit mostly together, and while a smoke bomb to get the trash out of her apartment was called “Full Gallagher”, I was excepting a bit more out of someone going “Full Gallagher”. 


I was waiting on him to crash and burn at multiple different times. He certainly had the opportunity to really fall off the wagon and be a huge mess, but he kept his focus. 


Meeehhh  I’ve never been a huge fan of the character. This year was even more comical (not a good use of the word). With Chicago having 500+ murders on an annual basis, it wouldn’t break my heart to see him go away.


She has matured and seems headed in the right direction with her welding career but certainly needs to invest in some steel toe boots to protect her remaining 7 toes.  She’s got that take no shit spunk that seems to be a family trait and her welding Dr. Dick’s car was pretty funny.


The little sociopath has matured the most and thankfully his “marriage” to the Bat Shit Crazy Kassidy is a sham, and that he was able to escape that hell-storm and go back to military school. 


At times in years past you’d feel this poor little boy wouldn’t stand a chance. But like Lip he seems to have a good head on his shoulders(not the genius that Lip is, but smarter than most), and can tell right from wrong, even if it causes his pops to go porta-john diving. That was gross far worse than Debbie’s toes.

V & Kev, aka Bart from Kentucky 

“I’m Bart from Kentucky” was one of the funniest lines of the whole year. The subtle delivery helped, it simply made me laugh. Kev is dumber than a box or rocks, but he’s a good guy. V is the brains of the couple, but not exactly the smartest cookie in the box, but they are good together. 


Well she’s married, prenup and all but that isn’t necessarily a negative. She might not get the old coot’s fortune, but I doubt she walks away empty-handed either. Could see her seducing him and having him tear it up, but hopefully V & Kev can get full control of the bar back. 

Oh and it’s about time for Jimmy to show back up.

If I had the ability to give one show 5 more seasons no questions asked, this would be it.

Congratulations go out to William H. Macy for winning the SAG award for his portrayal of “Frank Gallagher” on Showtime’s “Shameless.

Frank is such a dynamic character, he will force you to exhaust a thesaurus in using words to describe your feeling for him in any given episode. After 8 seasons of Macy as “Frank”, I refuse to watch the British version, because there is no way it will ever compare. Macy is Frank, just as

James Gandolfini was Tony Soprano, Redd Foxx was “Fred G. Sanford” or Larry Hagman was “John Ross “J.R.” Ewing Jr.”  That other series will simply never be watched by my eyes. Period.  Macy is Frank. Emmy Rossum is “Fiona”, Jeremy Allen White  is “Lip”,etc, etc, etc, end of story. I simply do not care.

It’s nice to see Macy get some acknowledgement and recognition out of this dynamic and colorful role. 

Shameless renewed for season 9. Great news! More Gallagher’s

Earlier this week I finished the Showtime show “I’m Dying Up Here”. It was a period piece set in 1970′s Los Angeles based on the world of stand up comics. I would call it semi-biographical though most of the characters are fictitious in nature.  There is an appearance of Richard Pryor, mentions of George Carlin and the Johnny Carson show is a staple/goal of the comics in the show, but the characters are created. 

If you like comics, or period pieces, then you’ll like it. If not, then you might find a better use of your time. It’s funny, well written and has its dark spots. It certainly has it’s dark spots.

Heading into the show I only knew of 3 of the main actors. Clark Duke (The Office, Hot Tub Time Machine), Erik Griffin (Workaholics), and Jake Lacy (The Office) to a point. I knew the face at least from being “new Jim” on “The Office”.