I finished the Elmore Leonard audio book, “Road Dogs”, it’s essentially a follow up to a couple of Elmore Leonard novels. It touches base with “Out of Sight”, where it finds Jack Foley finishing up his prison term(released a bit early), and heading off to California to join his soon to be released inmate friend Cundo (LaBrava *I’ve yet to read), and Dawn Navarro (Riding the Rap).  

Navarro was the psychic. that somewhat caught Raylen Givens’ eye back in the day. In this story she was over seeing Cundo’s property with his money-man little Jimmy. Needless to say some got greedy, some got killed. 

“Freaky Deaky” is next


I finished the audio book of “Out of Sight” by Elmore Leonard. It wasn’t until the dialog in the trunk of the car between Karen Cisco and Jack Foley that I realized I had already seen this movie starring George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez. 

Like with most books, it offered more details, and Jack/Elmore spoke of Karen Sisco’s thicket (I’m fairly certain that was ignored or glossed over in the movie), but like most books, the words painted a better picture, and it made for an interesting listen. .  

I’ll likely knock out a few audiobooks over the next couple weeks because I refuse to listen to the fluffing of Tom Brady and his severed thumb that Bill Belichick surgically repaired the morning of the the Jaguars game.

Road Dogs, is my next Elmore Leonard venture, since it picks up with Foley after he’s released from prison, but also ties in another character from a novel, I’ve yet to read/listen to, so I’ll just have to deal with that whenever.

Earlier this week, I finished the audio book of “Stick”, by Elmore Leonard. It’s the followup novel to Leonard’s novel “Swag” detailing the story of Ernest “Stick” Stickley, following his imprisonment thanks to the events in “Swag”. 

He heads to Florida to be closer to his daughter. I’m not sure which adage fits the most, It’s either “some people find trouble”, or “trouble finds some people”. In a way either work, since Stick has continued to find himself in compromising situations. 

For the record, I haven’t seen the 1985 Burt Reynolds movie based off of this book, but will give it a viewing at some point. 

I think “Out of Sight” will be my next Leonard book I’ll tackle, but that can change. 

Reading List

Earlier in the week, I finished the Elmore Leonard audiobook, “Swag”. It was a good story about criminals pairing up with other criminals trying to figure out who ends up screwing over the other when all is said and done.  It had a little twist at the end that at times expected, but you just weren’t 100% sure which direction it would end up going.  This book was originally called “Ryan’s Rules”, after one of the main characters. As much as a I hate the word swag, “Ryan’s Rules” would have been just fine.

I finished the audio book of Elmore Leonard’s “Mr. Paradise” earlier today. It was an interesting story about a rich retired lawyer who has a fond love of the University of Michigan Football team and blonde cheerleaders.  

He had hired an escort/hooker/term of your choice on more than one occasion to dress in a cheer-leading outfit to cheer as he watched old games on his good ole VCR. At times, the outfits became less skimpy than the average cheer-leading outfit does when the top/bottom came off.  On this given night, he talked his regular call girl into bringing a friend along. 

Well, after flipping a coin, to see which girl would stay with him. Mr. Paradise and the unlucky lady were gunned down, part of a plot to get some stock/property/valuables out of the old man.  It takes some twists as the “wrong” girl was killed, and plans become to unravel.

I could easily see it on the silver screen. Look forward to that “dense patch of dark hair”, which was actually a very strong clue. 

2017 in Review (slim chance I add another one that is finished this year,if I do, I’ll make a single post.) 

Seems like they aren’t counting one of the Bukowsk audio books above.

Charles Bukowski and Elmore Leonard ruled my literary world for 2017.

Crunching the above numbers even though I know they are off, since I have read pages in about 20 other books that I’ve yet to complete, I’ll go with the data that they presented and it says I’ve read roughly 21 pages a day this year. It’s kinda neat knowing I was one 1 of 78 to read the Bukowski book in 2017. 

Reading List

I lied, I said the next book was “Rum Punch”, but I changed my mind. I took it off the list since it’s a 2nd part of a series.  

I  just finished the audio book version of “The Moonshine War”, by Elmore Leonard, a story set in the Prohibition era of the 1930′s, in the Hills of Kentucky. It was turned into a movie in 1970 starring a 34 year old Alan Alda (will have to see if I can find a copy to watch) as Son Martin, who in the novel is the son of and an active moonshiner, who has 150 burried/hidden barrels (4500 gallons) of his daddy’s best moonshine which was  priced at $5.00 a gallon in the book, that an old Army buddy turned “revenuer man” is after. 

After watching the show “Moonshiners”, a lot of the technical “moon-shining” techniques made a lot more sense to me than if I had consumed this book say 3 or 6 months ago. 

The next book is another Elmore Leonard venture titled “Mr. Paradise”. Will get to “Rum Punch”, the novel turned into “Jackie Brown”, later. 

Current list(some of these have been on there forever).

If it weren’t for “audio books”, there is no way this is close to being reached.

Psychopaths… people who know the differences between right and wrong, but don’t give a shit. That’s what most of my characters are like.

Elmore Leonard