Earlier in the week, I finished “The Descendants” a novel by Kaui Hart Hemmings. George Clooney has a movie based on the book, but I have yet to watch it.

The story was a bit sad about a wife/mom(2 kids) that is in a coma following a boating accident and the new life that the husband/kids might have as they try to face the day to day life. 

There were some curve balls that came up, but I’ll leave those for those that might want to read it or watch the movie (assuming it is similar).


In the fall of 1981, I was 9 years old and in love with the game of baseball. That season I was able to watch my favorite team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, avenge two World Series losses to the New York Yankees, by beating them in the ‘81 World Series. 

At 9, you don’t comprehend the economics or politics that stole part of that season from us, but thankfully the two sides were able to come together.  In ‘94, at 22 years old, I could better understand what was going on, but still hate that we were robbed of a part of the season, the World Series and a  potential Tony Gwynn (RIP) .400 chase. 


The above image isn’t from ‘94, but I just like those uniforms better. Maybe I’m more partial to them because of who is in the on-deck circle (Steve Garvey). Gwynn was sitting at .394 when the season ended, and might have finished at .373, and might have finished at .404. Nobody knows, but it would have been fun to watch and track on a daily basis. 

A few weeks ago, maybe a month, I was in a store called Ollie’s, which is like “Big Lots” step-brother, and was looking through some books, and saw the book pictured above. It’s by Rick Monday, a 19 year MLB vet, and member of that ‘81 World Championship team, so I thumbed through it. At $2.99 it was coming home with me, then i saw that it was a signed copy, made it all the better. 


It was neat learning more details about players meetings, Steve Sax, even as a rookie messing with Tommy Lasorda, just little snippets here and there. How Dusty Baker played part of that World Series injured and was as much of a decoy, as he was a threat. How the majority of the players hated the Yankees.  Monday recalled hating them as a kid, well all but Mickey Mantle.


He was baseball to kids back then.  They don’t really make them like that any more.

 I won’t spoil any other stories, for any Dodgers fan that wants to give it a read, but I did find it interesting that during the celebration below, that Steve Yeager swinging Steve Howe around nearly knocked Steve Garvey out with an errant elbow.  It’s full of neat little tidbits that you really wouldn’t know, even if 1981 was in the Social Media or 24/7 news cycles of today. 


Over the past week, I finished up two audio books that became the basis of movies.

“Catch Me If You Can” by Frank W. Abagnale and “Zodiac” by Robert Graysmith. 

Each of the books were far better than the movies, because they were far more detailed which is normally the case. 

I finished up the audio book version of “When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops”, by George Carlin and it was one of the funniest books I’ve encountered. He’s been gone nearly 10 years and I’m sitting here wanting his take and reaction to some of the fucked up events that have occurred  since  he left us. 

I finished the Mark Twain Classic “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. It was an audio book, and I listened to it for one main reason. Nick Offerman is entertaining.  

I finished up the audio book version of “Petty The Biography”, by Warren Zanes.  I’ve been wanting to consume this book for some time. I saw some negative reviews of it,some saying it was lacking,  or interpersonal, but I don’t see it.  I thought it was informative, but obviously there are going to be those that know more about the subject than I do.

I liked mostly, how there were a few background stories of certain songs, and as I heard the story told, I could see some of the lyrics bounce around in my mind, and it helped them paint a clearer picture.

It included a wealth of stories about other Heartbreakers, some of the hows and whys certain ones left, so it was neat.

If you are a fan of Tom Petty,or rock and roll in general, it’s a must read.

If it weren’t for the audio book versions, there is no way I’d be ahead of schedule.

I finished up, “Monday Morning Quarterback”, by Peter King. Some of the material I had seen before, and i skipped the sections about #FYTB, I’ve seen him fluff him enough as it is. Pass

Overall it was a good book. I saw it in Ollie’s(Big Lots type store) a few months ago for 2.99, and passed on it. I saw it a couple of weeks ago for .99 and since I was buying another book as it was, why not?  Well worth the .99. The short chapter/story format helped it not become a chore.

Reading List:(it’s expanded since the last time I shared it, oh well)

The next one off the list will like the be the Tom Petty biography, it’s an audio book version through Audible/Amazon and I’m roughly 56% finished with it.