I would have impeccable time management skills if I had the time to manage my time management. 


At times, bitterness bequeaths rage to the world.


Some mornings require a stiffer coffee, just as some evenings require a stiffer drink.

At times, my wireless keyboard stutters. Of course aas I aam typing this, okay now it is finally screwing  up a liittle biit but it really sucks, to have to go back a aand correct things that you know are 100% right. I do not think it’s a battery issuiiue because  it happens at random at times with fresh batteries. 

There are times when you encounter someone and the way they present oneself to you makes you wonder how they have the job that they do. Then you realize there are likely quotas involved.

Coffee and Beer have to be some form of cousins. At times it hits the spot perfectly, others, not so much.