creative impulse comes from the dark side of the

We worked it good.”

Henley, Eagles  

“There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls. ”
— George Carlin

I knew I should have taken the high road. I was just going too fast and missed my exit.

Stephen Tobolowsky

“I hate pain, despite my ability to tolerate it beyond all known parameters, which is not necessarily a good thing.”
― Hunter S. Thompson

was Beer that finally ended my career as a full-time Athlete
first Beer, then Girls, and finally
a brief fling with Crime.

S. Thompson

Beer, women and crime, it will get you everytime. 

My favorite Virgil Flowers/John Sandford quote from a book.  I got an email notification that he has a new book coming out later this month, and that made me think of it. I laugh every time I see it.