It’s about time for @thetimmcgraw to add “Peyton Manning slung it”, to his “Southern Voice” song.  Of course one could argue it should have been there from day one.   Maybe Pocahontas won’t mind. 


If I got into Halloween, I found the costume I would use.

I’d go as retired Peyton Manning. It’s not exact.. but close enough… 

So far with this post Peyton Manning NFL, I have yet to watch a live down of Football. Just not feeling it. Sure it’s only the 2nd full week of the preseason, but my interest isn’t fully there.

If @millerlite can bring back their original cans(great idea by the way), then @budlight can bring back Spuds Mackenzie. 

Maybe reintroduce him with new Budweiser sponsor Peyton Manning walking him on the beach. 

I was looking at quotes about beer this morning, and I simply have a hard time imagining Plato, Sophocles and Homer guzzling down some suds like Peyton Manning and Jeff Saturday at the Pro Bowl or ordering them like Norm from Cheers. 

Free Writing 3/1/2016

Retirement for most is a huge step.
For a lot of people though it can be a final “highlight”, with the next one being one that people don’t look
forward to. That is why some people don’t slow
. They don’t want to fade away.

There was a Lee Corso quote and I’m paraphrasing, the only people that look
forward to 80 are the those that are 79.
Retirement for an NFL player
can be a tough decision.

Peyton Manning will be 40 years old later this month and has a
decision to make. Walk away on top,
attempt to work out a revised contract
with the Broncos, or move on to his 3rd team. If he wants to play,
I hope he stays in Denver.  If he walks
away I understand that.

He’s been a football player roughly 75% of his life. Hell, who I am kidding,
he’s been a football player likely since he could walk. It’s just how he is wired.
It’s a tough decision.

People tend to forget that during 2011, he spent a year away from “the game” in a competitive sense and
that likely showed him what life without
was like. He busted his ass
during that year trying to get back on the field, but it couldn’t have been the
same as the other years that he experienced in the NFL. It couldn’t have had the same structure. When he does take
that step, whether it is in the next 10
or not, life will change. Whether he moves on to TV, a front office job,
some form of coaching, or just binge
watches Netflix and films a commercial or three, life is going to change.

In a book, and maybe the one that has received so much attention lately, Archie wrote about Cooper having football stripped away from him, and how he could deal with that mentally. Paraphrasing again, and going  from 10-12 years of memory, he wasn’t sure if Peyton could have handled it the same way. Cooper moved on, lived his football life in watching his brothers play. Watching them get drafted #1, winning 4 Super Bowls, records, statistics, wins, etc. Archie wasn’t sure how Peyton would deal without football at 18/19/20 years old, he loved it that much. How will he deal with it at 40? It’s a tough decision.

Some have bashed Brett Favre for wavering on retirement,  I never will. I’ll bash him for sending pictures of Little Brett to that woman and all that mess, but I won’t bash him for not wanting to walk away from a game passed down from his father. Nope, can’t do it.

Personally, I think he was hurt this past season, far more serious
that it was ever truly revealed. Like his dad said, dealing with the foot
injury since training camp.  Yes, he won a Super Bowl, and he can walk away with his last NFL pass being a two-point conversion to Bennie Fowler to help his team seal a win, but maybe he’s not satisfied with the year that he had. I am thankful that his little ones were old enough to experience it and be a part of it.

I’ll respect his decision either way, and I honestly do not know what I would
choose if the decision was mine to make.
I’m torn as a fan as to wanting him to walk out on top, but, there is always a but.

Free Writing 2/4/2016

This is more of a rant than anything, but hey it gets the blood pumping.

So Jim Irsay wants Peyton Manning to retire as a Colt? Well, Jim you shouldn’t have fired him. You shouldn’t have thrown him away in a Hefty bag and even more than that you shouldn’t open your damn mouth this week.

Just shut the fuck up about #18. You don’t deserve to talk about him. Not this week, not when it could be his last game. It just shows how sad and petty you are that you have to seek any level of attention. What you should have done with your trigger happy thumbs that rival a 13-year-old girl was simply congratulated him for the AFCCG win. Then on Saturday or Sunday you send out a “good luck” tweet. That’s what you should have done, but no you have to go on some tv show and say you want him to retire a Colt, and that you’ve asked him to.

I can see why he might. He spent the majority of his career there. Won his first of a possible two Lombardi trophies there. Made relationships, made lasting bonds. Built a freaking stadium, poured money into various charities including the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital. I get that. He loves the city. He didn’t want to leave. He wanted to be like a Dan Marino and play his entire career with one franchise. Well, that didn’t happen. He loves the majority of the fans. So I can understand why he might want to do a one-day contract, but you, you pill headed piece of shit, you do not deserve to stand by him at a retirement press conference. Peyton Manning is a far better man than myself, a far better man than you, so while that might happen, but you, you petty drunk bastard do not deserve it all.

He’ll show up for the Ring of Honor induction. He’ll show up for the official retirement of jersey #18. He’ll show up when you honor the team from XLI or other teammates.  He’ll show up when they erect a statute outside the stadium he built, but I hope when he does retire, he simply retires and doesn’t give you that honor of him retiring by your side.  Oh and for those that think he’ll come back and work as a coach, a member of the front office, or GM. Of that team? For that dickhead?  Nah not happening.

Archie Manning has used the term fired, when most say cut. I’m sure Archie’s terminology is closer to how #18 feels than “most”.

Enjoy your next relapse.