Spotify is superior to Pandora.  It has been a month and 4 days since I downloaded Spotify and it’s clearly superior.

Some things I like better about it:

  • You can listen to just one artist. You can go down an album or you can randomize it, but if you want to listen to x, y or z, you can listen to x, y or z. 
  • You can search for a song and listen to various versions and even covers.
  • You can listen to a song numerous times.(Pandora recently added this).
  • You hear a cover version of song you already like and discover a new singer or group. 

I do however wish you could “block” a song so that it never crosses your plate again. 


Song #3 was “Hang On” by Wilson Phillips. I think the cool kids call that edging. 

Since I’m not a fan of Pandora’s new layout, I’ll still make a morning visit, collect the random song it gives me then take that information to Spotify.  That will be the process until I can completely figure out whether Spotfiy can give me a completely random song based on all the artists/groups/stations I have accumulated in my shot time there.

This morning Bruce asked the little girl if her daddy was home in “I’m On Fire”. 

I’m not a fan of the aesthetics of the new Pandora format/setup/layout. Change to a website can always take some getting used to. Some get better. Some get worse.  Those 6 figure designers want their fingerprints on them at times.  Sometimes their fingerprints are ugly and not very efficient. 

Pandora had Warren Zevon knocking around my kitchen door. I wish I could have let him in(RIP Warren). We could have shared some Beef Chow Mein and kicked back a few Pina Coladas.(reminds me of a story I might share at some point).

The Traveling WIburys come through with back to back singles in the 2nd inning(yes baseball is around the corner), with “End Of The Line”.

Favorite Line:

Maybe somewhere down the road aways (end of the line)
You’ll think of me, wonder where I am these days (end of the line)
Maybe somewhere down the road when somebody plays (end of the line)
“Purple Haze”

Pandora halted through that previous song, so I assume they made a mistake and presented me with the wrong song. The official song for 2/27/17 is ironically titled “Last Night” by The Traveling WIlburys. 

Yes I will admit that this is a joke(I’m not promising that you will find it funny, but it was legitimately ironic that it served up “Last Night” as song # 2.