“David Myers, the Jewish guy who works at City Hall, once told me a schlemiel is the guy who spills his soup at a fancy party. A schlimazel is the guy he spills it on.

Jerry is both the schlemiel and the schlimazel of our office.”

Ron Swanson on Jerry Gergich

I cheated the randomness of the music this morning.  I felt “Fire And Rain”, by James Taylor was fitting. I’m not really in a music mood, so I think I’ll put “Parks and Recreation” on as background noise. Can’t go wrong with “Ron Swanson” portrayed by Nick Offerman

Appropriate Line:

Oh, I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain
I’ve seen sunny days that I thought would never end
I’ve seen lonely times when I could not find a friend
But I always thought that I’d see you again

Some things you can’t unsee. At least you can laugh at it. Right ? 


Nick Offerman and his lovely wife Megan Mullally dressed up as Sonny & Cher from the recent GQ magazine.

I laughed a bit too much at the response @nick_offerman gave to this question. I could picture this happening in Season 7 of Parks and Recreation, Of course it would be masked with a “beep”. I can hear him saying it in my head.

Some of the responses were funny too. 

Late last night as I was laying in bed trying to stretch out my back I was flipping through twitter and saw that Jim O’Heir, who is mainly know as Jerry/Gerry/Gary from “Parks and Recreation” won a Daytime Emmy Award for a guest starring role. 

This morning when I picked the tablet up and again was trying to stretch, I saw that former castmate Nick Offerman had responded to his buddy’s post.  It’s neat seeing friends complimenting friends even in Hollywood. 

Either I’m watching too much Parks & Recreation at night as I fall asleep or not quite enough. I made my second Ron Swansonesque statement, this one concerning soup. 

“If a soup, no matter the kind is not chunky and meaty enough, it is quite simply just a  broth.”

I watched “The Founder” mainly because Nick Offerman was in it. All three stars, Offerman, Michael Keaton and John Carroll Lynch were really good. In the end you feel sorry for the McDonald brothers for crossing paths with Ray Kroc. 

I didn’t even recognize Linda Cardellini with the blonde hair. 

With that said, many a business has prospered and many a person has been ruined by a bad business deal/decision.  It happens. 

Watching it did make a bit hungry.