This is more last week, a short little 6 episode series 2 on NETFLIX. Again, watching Flaked made me want to live near Venice Beach.

A cute funny show.

I’m still playing catch up with things I’ve watched/listened to over the past little bit.  Sarah Silverman, is a funny, funny woman.

Over the past three days or so I’ve split this 3 hour marathon of a  Netflix documentary up.

If you like the Eagles, then it’s well worth your time.  You learn a lot about how songs were formed and chosen and the demons that the band had and mostly worked through. 

Earlier in the month, (after checking it was a month ago today), I mentioned season 3 of “Bosch” debuting on Netflix. I probably watched it in 3 days. I simply forgot to come back write a bit of a summary.

The series is based on the Michael Connelly “Bosch” series of books which is currently let’s call it 30 deep since he has appearances in other Connelly novels set in the same universe. The first was created in 1992 and is still alive and well.

Each season seems to concentrate on one novel(they aren’t going in order), and borrows snippets and pieces from others. Initially, I preferred that it follow the novels, same time-line. Bosch in the books is a Vietnam Vet, on the show he’s  Desert Storm/Desert Shield. Odds are there would be more far more expenses into turning modern day Los Angeles into the early 90s, so I get that part of it.  After 3 seasons, I think I like the borrow/combine  concepts from various story lines a bit better because it would likely be impossible to have 25 seasons.

It was renewed for season 4 in 2016, long before the season 3 release, so hopefully they will announce they will be adding season 5/6/35 shortly.

Sticking with stand up comics, Netflix moved on to “Richard Pryor Live In Concert”. Funny man. 

I watched, well mostly listened(it was background noise) to Norm MacDonald’s new standup special on Netflix titled “Hitler’s Dog Gossip & Trickery”.

He’s funny. He’s one of my favorite modern comedians. 

Over the past few nights I’ve watched the 6 episode season 1 of “ Hap & Leonard” on NETFLIX.  I looked it up on and saw a few names of people that I’ve liked in other shows, mostly Michael K.Williams(The Wire/Boardwalk Empire), Christina Hendricks(Mad Men) and Jimmi Simpson (to be honest I didn’t know his name, but know his face and he plays evil well). 

I wasn’t that aware of James Purefoy, he looked familiar but maybe it’s because he reminds me of a rough around the edges version of Tim Dekay from “White Collar”. 

The show/series was based on novels by 

Joe R. Lansdale, who I’ll be checking out(not adding to my reading list quite yet). It is essentially a treasure hunt where Hap & Leonard along with a few others try to track down a missing car that supposedly had some money in it.  I’ll leave it at that incase anyone wants to watch it.

There is a 2nd season based on another Lansdale novel and I saw that Sundance has picked it up for a 3rd season set to be released next year.