I finished up part 5 of “The Ranch”, it is still one of the funnier shows on TV these days. Was going into this expecting to see some drastic event that took “Rooster” (Danny Masterson) out of the show, since he was fired for off-screen allegations from years ago, but that didn’t really happen. So maybe it’s open for him to return at some point. 

It’s still full of Broncos jokes, which makes it a bit more interesting. Though, I do miss them throwing shade at #fytb


Over the weekend, I watched most of the Netflix show “Godless”. It was an interesting take on the late 1800′s in a Western town that was devastated by a mine caving in, leaving a town full of mostly widows. Michelle Dockery and Jeff Daniels were the two known faces to me, and both played their roles as expected. 

I finished up “Evil Genius” on Netflix, a short 4 part story behind a bank robbery from the early 2000s. I remember hearing/reading a few tiny snippets at some point. The woman, Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong, her voice reminded me a bit of Rosanne Arnold, or I guess just Rosanne these days, minus the excessive cackling laugh. I better be careful or Marjorie’s ghost will “sue” me for that comment. That part was obscenely funny, hearing how many different people she was going to sue for slander or liable. 

It was interesting to say the least. 

Over the past week or so, I watched what I learned today was the final season of “Love” on Netflix. The first episode of season 3 was one of the funniest episodes of TV I’ve seen recently. Laughs at every turn.

Obviously, by the poster, it was known it was the final season, so that was good as opposed to them running through season 3, and then being told it was ending.

Cute funny show that I enjoyed.

Over the past few days I tried to watch the Netflix show “Disjointed”. I’ve liked Kathy Bates ever since she was a “dirtybird”, and Chuck Lorre usually puts out a fine product (Dharma & Greg, Two and a half Men, The Big Bang Theory, Mike & Molly, Mom, etc).  

This one had a few laughs here and there and a couple of the co-stars were funny, but quite frankly, Dank & Dabby  simply ruined it. nails on a chalkboard. Go away. Get the fuck off my tv. Dabby was like a female Jason Schawartzman. I can’t watch him. He’s been in things with people I really like, Billy Murray, Ted Danson, Zach Galifianakis, if he has a major role in it, it can make it extremely hard to watch. Well Dabby is the female Schwartzman.

Needless to say, about 14 episodes into the 20 show run, I jumped ship. It’s already been cancelled, why invest another second into something knowing that that those two could show up at any given second. 

Oh well

Over the past couple of weeks, I watched the Netflix show “Mindhunter”. I would describe it loosely in a round about way as a prequel to “Criminal Minds”. It’s set in the 70′s and shows the early stages of the study of serial killers. 

Anna Torv (Fringe) was the only person I knew much of their work heading in to this show, but the show was well cast and well written. The serial killer’s that were included were pretty damn creepy. 

It’s nice to see that there will be second season.

Netflix announces the Jason Bateman , Laura Linney show “Ozark” will return for a 2nd season.

Good news. Good show.