Over the weekend, I watched the Netflix show. “Friends From College”.  It was content.   Nothing jumped out as earth shattering funny, or some crazy story line that hasn’t been shown before. 

I was expecting it to be a but funnier than it was. 

Oh well.

Over the weekend, I finished off the 4th season of Marc Maron’s show “Maron” on Netflix. 

I didn’t like it as much as the first three simply because it was so negative. Rehab + losing your house + animals (temporarily), just too much negativity. 

It improved as it went on, but not as good as first three. Just too much negativity for a show. I have parts of reality for that. 

I finished the first season of Marc Maron’s show “Maron” on Netflix. It was funny. He’s funny. It has a “Curb Your Enthusiasm” vibe to it with the half reality/half fiction concept, but he’s not nearly the dick that Larry David and he’s far funnier to boot.

Over  the past week or so, I’ve made my way through  the Netflix show “Glow”. I’ve seen the blonde (Betty Gilpin) in “Nurse Jacke” and Marc Maron in an episode of “Easy”, but outside of the guy I can’t name from “Mad Men”. It was better than I thought it would be. Seeing Maron’s car reminded me of my dad’s old Caddy. 

This is more last week, a short little 6 episode series 2 on NETFLIX. Again, watching Flaked made me want to live near Venice Beach.

A cute funny show.

I’m still playing catch up with things I’ve watched/listened to over the past little bit.  Sarah Silverman, is a funny, funny woman.

Over the past three days or so I’ve split this 3 hour marathon of a  Netflix documentary up.

If you like the Eagles, then it’s well worth your time.  You learn a lot about how songs were formed and chosen and the demons that the band had and mostly worked through.