Harry Bosch and those breath taking views of Los Angeles are back on Amazon Prime.


I finished the audio book of Elmore Leonard’s “Mr. Paradise” earlier today. It was an interesting story about a rich retired lawyer who has a fond love of the University of Michigan Football team and blonde cheerleaders.  

He had hired an escort/hooker/term of your choice on more than one occasion to dress in a cheer-leading outfit to cheer as he watched old games on his good ole VCR. At times, the outfits became less skimpy than the average cheer-leading outfit does when the top/bottom came off.  On this given night, he talked his regular call girl into bringing a friend along. 

Well, after flipping a coin, to see which girl would stay with him. Mr. Paradise and the unlucky lady were gunned down, part of a plot to get some stock/property/valuables out of the old man.  It takes some twists as the “wrong” girl was killed, and plans become to unravel.

I could easily see it on the silver screen. Look forward to that “dense patch of dark hair”, which was actually a very strong clue. 

2017 in Review (slim chance I add another one that is finished this year,if I do, I’ll make a single post.) 

Seems like they aren’t counting one of the Bukowsk audio books above.

Charles Bukowski and Elmore Leonard ruled my literary world for 2017.

Crunching the above numbers even though I know they are off, since I have read pages in about 20 other books that I’ve yet to complete, I’ll go with the data that they presented and it says I’ve read roughly 21 pages a day this year. It’s kinda neat knowing I was one 1 of 78 to read the Bukowski book in 2017. 

Reading List

This morning, I remained in bed to finish “The Late Show”, the new Michael Connelly novel that introduces a new protagonist into his Boschland world of Los Angeles. Harry wasn’t mentioned by name, but there  was a minor crossover to that universe, so I won’t be surprised for any future crossover.

Renee Ballard, is a spunky female detective that found herself on the wrong end of a sexual harassment claim which found her transferred to the night shift, aka Late Show. 

The crossover involved a son of a cop that was  in a couple of the Bosch novels. 

It was a good read and I look forward to the next one.

Reading List:

To think, I had this baby down to 12… Oh well. 

12 turns into 23…  I think it was 12 at last count. Oh well 

I’ve blown my reading list up. Added a couple. I picked up the Warren Zevon hard copy off Amazon, got a couple as a gift and added the Mickey Mantle for 1.06 following a google play $7.00 credit. I’m fairly certain that it’s the copy that I saw at B&N on a discount stack once and said I’ll get it next time, but the next time it was gone. I’m not sure how factual it was, but when I was browsing it seemed to be pretty interesting.  

I added the new Michael Connelly novel “The Late Show”, where he introduces a new character into his Los Angeles world, so far no mention of Bosch, or Haller, but there was a tie-in to a character from one of those books, so maybe Harry will show up. 

Earlier in the month, (after checking it was a month ago today), I mentioned season 3 of “Bosch” debuting on Netflix. I probably watched it in 3 days. I simply forgot to come back write a bit of a summary.

The series is based on the Michael Connelly “Bosch” series of books which is currently let’s call it 30 deep since he has appearances in other Connelly novels set in the same universe. The first was created in 1992 and is still alive and well.

Each season seems to concentrate on one novel(they aren’t going in order), and borrows snippets and pieces from others. Initially, I preferred that it follow the novels, same time-line. Bosch in the books is a Vietnam Vet, on the show he’s  Desert Storm/Desert Shield. Odds are there would be more far more expenses into turning modern day Los Angeles into the early 90s, so I get that part of it.  After 3 seasons, I think I like the borrow/combine  concepts from various story lines a bit better because it would likely be impossible to have 25 seasons.

It was renewed for season 4 in 2016, long before the season 3 release, so hopefully they will announce they will be adding season 5/6/35 shortly.

I had a nice little surprise when visiting goodreads.com earlier. The third season of “Bosch” debuted today on Amazon Prime. So I’ll have something to watch this weekend. 

Look at the view from his house. Simply Amazing. 

I finished up “The Wrong Side Of Goodbye” by Michael Connelly earlier. It’s the most recent and hopefully not the last Harry Bosch book. 

This one you could really see Harry connect with the story. He was hired to track down a potential heir to La La Land fortune and as luck/fiction may have it, the guy he was chasing was a  Vietnam vet like himself, on the same hospital ship at the same time, just one of those stars in the right alignment type deals, and you could just tell he was taking this job personally to help bring the story to an end. It was a good book.

That brings me to 35 total. There won’t be a 36th completed in these final hours of 2016, though I did find a Mickey Mantle book, one written mostly by him in a box when I was looking for something. So I added that to my list.