I got you to hold my hand
I got you to understand
I got you to walk with me
I got you to talk with me
Igot you to kiss goodnight
I got you to hold me tight
I got you, I won’t let go
I got you to love me so

“I Got You Babe”, Sonny & Cher

“I Got You Babe” Sonny & Cher”

It’s Friday and I was simply going to be updating the next two songs on the My Top 100 Songs list and I didn’t realize I’d stumble upon something so sweet, and touching with a hint of sadness. 

Over the past couple of days I’ve been watching season 2 of the Netflix show “Love”. I really like the show. it’s funny and cute, however episode 10 and the the first part of episode 11 just simply sucked. RIP “Buster” and I’ll leave it at that. I damn near turned it off.

I saw that they recently started shooting season 3, so that is good news. 

I could write the exact opposite about someone, maybe sometwo. 🙂

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You live you learn, you love you learn
You cry you learn, you lose you learn
You bleed you learn, you scream you learn

“You Learn”, Alanis Morissette