One area where Major League Baseball trumps the NFL and the NBA is the all-star game. I get the need and want to pedal more jerseys and all that good stuff, but it’s simply neat watching various uniforms play the game. Joe Morgan of the Reds is shown above shaking hands with the Dodgers Steve Garvey both wearing the home whites.  It makes the team pictures look unique. 

Last night, Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw became the second fastest to 2,000 strikeouts. Randy Johnson hit 2k in 262 games. Kershaw pitched his 276th game last night, which betters all time strikeout leader Nolan Ryan (287) and Roger Clemens (294). 

On the 70th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s major league baseball debut, I sit here in 2017, and can’t begin to comprehend how he had the metal to deal with all the hatred that he faced on daily basis. 

Yesterday was a pretty good sports day. It started by watching most of the opening day game where the Braves lost, then Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers dominated the Padres on their opening day, and it was capped at the end by the Tarheels bringing home title #6 in college basketball.

She’s 55 years old, had a little work done here and there, but she’s still beautiful. So a tweet from #55(Should be retired) is fitting.  @dodgers #dodgerstadium #opening day 

The highly underrated and should be hall of famer. @stevegarvey6  Steve Garvey turns 68 years old today. Happy Birthday #6.  

He was my favorite player as a kid and the main reason my favorite # is 6.   It’s shame he’s not in the hall and a bigger shame the Dodgers haven’t retired #6.