The vastly underrated Steve Garvey turned 69 years old today(12-22).

To me this is more proof that age time is a strange dynamic. Tom Petty died at 66, nearly 67. Garvey obviously is in that same ballpark so to speak. Garvey entered my life when I was a kid and was my favorite baseball player. Petty enters a few years later while watching “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”. It’s just a bit hard to comprehend that this pair were that close in age. 

Happy Birthday #6


Happy Birthday El Toro.

I can think of the perfect present 25 guys can give you.

Dodger Stadium 

She was constructed in 1962, this is her 9th World Series, but her first Game 7. Hope she enjoys her 5th World Championship. . 

Would have been nice to see Hershiser and Tommy Lasorda throw out the first pitch, but Fox had other thoughts.  Great programming. 

Orel “Bulldog” Hershiser locked down the Oakland A’s with his 2nd complete game win in the ‘88 World Series that finished the most dominant season I’ve personally seen out of a pitcher. He capped the year winning the Cy Young award and being named World Series MVP.