Spider Murphy played the tenor saxophone,
Little Joe was blowin’ on the slide trombone.
The drummer boy from Illinois went crash, boom, bang,
The whole rhythm section was the Purple Gang.

Jailhouse Rock, Elvis Presley

Will end the update today with a little Elvis. 

“Jailhouse Rock” from 1968

Hey now, if your baby leaves you,
and you got a tale to tell.
Just take a walk down lonely street
to Heartbreak Hotel.

Elvis Presley “Heartbreak Hotel”

Another  Friday comes and another Friday where I forget to add two videos to “My top 100 Songs”.   Oh well, I was too busy.

So here is The King, with “Heartbreak Hotel”

Elvis checked back into the “Heartbreak Hotel” this morning. Maybe he’s trying to track down Priscilla. 

It’s been 39 years since we lost the King, well everywhere but the supermarket checkouts. He’s still out riding the river according to them.

I wasn’t around for JFK or MLK, but this was one of the biggest/most memorable  deaths of my life time. 

RIP Elvis

Love me tender
Love me sweet
Never let me go
You have made
My life a wreckum complete
And I love you so

Gotta love live music