“How they dance in the courtyard, sweet summer sweat
Some dance to remember, some dance to forget”

-”Hotel California” Eagles

Don Felder, Don Henley, Glenn Frey

“Sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge.”

-Donald Hugh Henley, poet, lyricist Eagle

Song 200, out of 200 was a live version of “The Boys of Summer” by Don Henley.

Favorite Line:

I can see you-
Your brown skin shinin’ in the sun
You got that hair slicked back and those Wayfarers on, baby

Second 100

Through 200

No real surprises. 

The first song this morning was “Sunset Grill”, but Don Henley.

Favorite Line:

Maybe we’ll leave come springtime
Meanwhile, have another beer

The first song earlier on this Tuesday was “Sunset Grill”, by Don Henley.

Favorite Line:

Watch the basket people walk around and mumble
Gaze out at the auburn sky

The music started this Saturday with “The Boys of Summer” from Don Henley.

It’s easily my favorite Henley song. 

Lingering line:

I can see you,
Your brown skin shining in the sun.
You got that hair slicked back,
And those Wayfarers on, baby.