I’m still playing catch up with things I’ve watched/listened to over the past little bit.  Sarah Silverman, is a funny, funny woman.

“There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls. ”
— George Carlin

Sticking with stand up comics, Netflix moved on to “Richard Pryor Live In Concert”. Funny man. 

I watched, well mostly listened(it was background noise) to Norm MacDonald’s new standup special on Netflix titled “Hitler’s Dog Gossip & Trickery”.

He’s funny. He’s one of my favorite modern comedians. 

I watched Louis C.K.’s most recent stand up show on Netflix. It was funny for the most part. I like him more than most comics in this day and age, but still a far cry from years gone by.

I caught the first episode of Judd Apatow’s HBO show “Crashing”. It’s centered around comedian Pete Holmes(he reminds me a bit of a young John Ritter) and his attempt to make it as a stand up comedian and dealing with a failing marriage. 

Artie Lange appeared in the first episode and is reported to be a in a couple of others. 

A pretty funny start to the series.