Looking for laughter, I turned to my Roku yesterday to find some. Nick Offerman and his better half, Megan Mullally have a comedy special on EPIX called “Summer of 69 (No Apostrophe). It was funny. Songs, letters, a couple of guests out of the audience. 


The story behind The National Lampoon Magazine and some of the movies.  It was an interesting documentary, but it makes you wonder what might have been if some of the lives hadn’t been cut so short. 

I’m still playing catch up with things I’ve watched/listened to over the past little bit.  Sarah Silverman, is a funny, funny woman.

Sticking with stand up comics, Netflix moved on to “Richard Pryor Live In Concert”. Funny man. 

Earlier tonight, I watched the first two episodes of “Brockmire”, a show starring Hank Azaria and Amanda Peet. Azaria, created the show and character based on an alcoholic former major league broadcaster that lost it on air after walking in on his wife having sex with multiple partners.  He went on a rant that was pretty sexually explicit on air rant and obviously lost his job.  

10 years pass, he “chases women like a Kennedy”, and it appears he might drink like one too, but Peete owns a nowheresville independent baseball team and hires/tricks him into becoming their PA announcer with free top shelf liquor and sleeping with her (non contractual) as perks. 

It has a bit of a Kenny Powers/”Eastbound & Down “ feel to it with a good mixture of comedy, lewdness and baseball. 

I read that it has been renewed for a 2nd season on IFC.  Sounds like good news to me. 

The world lost a funny, funny man today(4/6/17) as 

Don Rickles has passed away. He’s shown above with Howard Stern(L) and David Letterman® on the set of Letterman’s late night talk show. 

I enjoyed him in many things, but one of his less “funny” roles in “Casino” sticks out. I recall Artie Lange saying something and I am paraphrasing, that he looked forward to meeting him on the set of “Dirty World” and wanted to be insulted by him, that would make his day and his late father would really get a kick out of that too. 

RIP funny man, go roast Richard, Robin, George and all the other funny  people we have lost.

Whenever someone makes a list of the top this and that, there will be people that disagree with it. Whether you are ranking Quarterbacks, pitchers, or desserts, some will have an issue with some part of it.

I’m sure some that have read my top 100 songs list have thought, that SOB doesn’t have my favorite song on it, that list sucks. Fair enough.

Rolling Stone magazine recently published a list of the Top 50 Stand Up Comics of all time.

I’ll be the first to say that there are people on that list that I haven’t heard of. There are also a few others that I don’t have an extensive knowledge of.  While I can’t argue right or wrong when it comes to  1 or 2, you can flip a coin and can’t go wrong with George Carlin (2) or Richard Pryor (1), but when Redd Foxx, Rodney Dangerfield Eddie Murphy come in at numbers 27, 26, and 25 respectively, the list has its issues.  Robin Williams isn’t in the top 10?  Yeah, I know that he, Murphy, Pryor and Dangerfield  went on to bigger careers in the movies, and Foxx to Television and likely had their stand up careers shortened by that, but Sandy Koufax is still arguably the best pitcher to throw a baseball. 

The four  biggest omissions at first glance are Andrew Dice Clay, Dane Cook, Jeff Foxworthy and Ron White. While I’m not a big fan of Foxworthy personally, and find White far funnier, you can’t ignore his popularity. I’m sure the more time I spent on thinking about it(I’m not going to do that), I could come up with others.