“Fat man sitting on a little stool“…. It’s hard to imagine that Springsteen’s “Tunnel of Love” is 30 years old today. 


The first song this morning is the Levon Helm’s acoustic/folkish cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Atlantic City”.

Favorite Line:

Everything dies, baby that’s a fact
But maybe everything that dies some day comes back.

The first song on Saturday was “Glory Days” by Bruce Springsteen.

Fitting Line:

Yeah, just sitting back trying to recapture
a little of the glory of, well time slips away
and leaves you with nothing mister but
boring stories of glory days

The music from earlier started with Bruce Springsteen’s “Darlington County”, off of his “Born in the U.S.A.” album.

Fitting lyric:

“Driving in to Darlington County
Me and Wayne on the Fourth of July”

I wish I was driving into Darlington County. It would mean I was headed to a beach. 

The music opened earlier with “Born In The USA” by Bruce Springsteen.  This song always reminds me of my Dad talking about a high school friend that never left that jungle alive. 

Favorite Line:

He had a woman he loved in Saigon
I got a picture of him in her arms now

At night I wake up with the sheets soaking wet
And a freight train running through the middle of my head
Only you, can cool my desire

“I’m On Fire”, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

“I’m on Fire”, Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band

I’m updating the top 100 songs list. When it comes to songs off of Springsteen’s “Born In The USA” album, the live versions need to come from ‘84-’86 even if they look like some nearly scrambled form of HBO at your grandmother’s house way back when.