12 turns into 23…  I think it was 12 at last count. Oh well 

I’ve blown my reading list up. Added a couple. I picked up the Warren Zevon hard copy off Amazon, got a couple as a gift and added the Mickey Mantle for 1.06 following a google play $7.00 credit. I’m fairly certain that it’s the copy that I saw at B&N on a discount stack once and said I’ll get it next time, but the next time it was gone. I’m not sure how factual it was, but when I was browsing it seemed to be pretty interesting.  

I added the new Michael Connelly novel “The Late Show”, where he introduces a new character into his Los Angeles world, so far no mention of Bosch, or Haller, but there was a tie-in to a character from one of those books, so maybe Harry will show up. 

Thanks to a power outage and a thunderstorm, I was able to finish “Raylan” by Elmore Leonard today. According to good reads I started reading it 12/11/2015. It’s not that it was bad, I normally have a 10 deep reading list, then I made the decision to read the other three Raylan Givens Novels first.

This was the 4th novel off of the Given character, but this was more of 3 novella’s or 3 extended short stories intertwined into one book. I have the digital copy so I’m not 100% certain of the hard copy layout, but it didn’t seem very separated in my version. 

13 becomes 12 (can’t almost smell single digits)

I finished the audiobook version of Charles Bukowski’s “Ham on Rye” earlier. It might be his strangest yet.   It was all over the place.  Talking about details in the 4th grade that a 4th grader shouldn’t be talking about, I alluded to that when I first started it.

It remained strange. It remained Bukowski

13 becomes 12.

A little bit ago I finished “Golden Prey”, by John Sandford, it was his most recent “Lucas Davenport” novel that came out in April. I’ve been trying to not add things to my reading list until I knock it down some.  I made a comment at the end of one of these posts that if a new Sandford/Connelly/Tropper novel came out then I’d likely add it to it, so I did. It’s come and gone and outside of adding the other three Elmore Leonard books, I’ve been pretty good at sticking to that wish.

In a strange way reading this novel was in a very faint sense of the phrase, a lot like catching up with an old friend. You really weren’t provided with any great details about how anyone else was doing, but a couple of old names made a brief appearance. This one was centered around Davenport’s first adventure as  US Marshall, and the more things change, the more they stay the same.  It was a good read.

Reading list:Fourteen is still Fourteen: “Raylan” is a little under 50% finished. 

Last night, I finished “Fire In The Hole” by Elmore Leonard. I knew it was going to be short and quick and likely very familiar. It was originally published in a book of short stories and goodreads.com has it down as 240 pages.   

It was very familiar to parts of season one of the FX show “Justified”. While it was an outstanding show, and I wish it was still on and I would take it back on FX in a minute, this was one that I really wish would have been on HBO/Showtime/Cinemax so there were fewer restrictions to be placed on it.

Spoiler Alert, but it’s not a huge secret. 

The story differed some from  the show in that Raylan Givens, the US Marshall shot and killed criminal Boyd Crowder when he put a gun on his sister-in-law Ava Crowder who also had a gun on Boyd.  Thankfully in the show this didn’t happen exactly like that and Boyd lived and was his trouble making self throughout the entire show. 

Boyd on the show was far more likeable and a bit toned down on some of his racially based rants than he was in the book, but in the show he seemed like he was screaming white power, and creating the skin-head army more so to simply attract a group to help him fight the fights that he wanted to fight as opposed to purely being some backwoods racist. 

15 becomes 14


After finishing it, I was able to knock 5% more out of “Raylan”, before my eyes started to close. It’s the 4th and final Raylan Givens installment that Elmore Leonard wrote. 

Ole Hunter and I had  short visit while I was waiting on my computer to reboot after it gave me one of those lovely blue screens. 

Last night I finished “Riding The Rap”, but Elmore Leonard. It’s the 2nd of four “Raylan Givens” novels. This one seems to cut into the “Justified” timeline since the first novel “Pronto”, basically took you up to the opening scene in “Justified”. This one is about a couple of amature crooks that kidnap Harry(the bookmaker from “Pronto”, in a scheme to fleece him of his money, with Raylen, being more of a friend at this point than U.S. Marshall trying to track him down. 

It was a decent read, a little slow here and there. I knocked about 40% of it out the night before last when I had trouble falling back asleep following the chilling dream. I was able to knock the final 10% out last night.

“Fire In The Hole”, is the next Leonard book, I’ll start. From what I read, parts of it were based on season 1 of “Justified”, and it introduces the world to “Boyd Crowder”. I know from watching the show and reading about it a bit that Boyd doesn’t make it through the book, but it should be an interesting read.

16 becomes 15

I’m proud that I haven’t cheated and added any more after adding the other three Elmore Leonard “Raylan Givens” series. 

My favorite Virgil Flowers/John Sandford quote from a book.  I got an email notification that he has a new book coming out later this month, and that made me think of it. I laugh every time I see it.