Today (6/11) is the 28th anniversary of the night when I drank 37 beers.I recall being pissed that it wasn’t 40, since 40 is a good solid round #, but I wasn’t the only one drinking.

It was the final night of our 10 day senior trip to Myrtle Beach and we had too much beer left.  In hindsight, I’m sure we could have probably sold them for $2-3.00 a can to other just graduating senior making their arrival at The “not so” Golden Villa.  

Tomorrow (6/12) is the 28th anniversary of when I made the mistake of volunteering to ride back home with a friend in a 300zx with the t-tops out.  Baking in that sun for 5 or so hours with the meal I had the night before, and the adult beverages I consumed with 100 degree heat was not a good combination.

If I could apologize to that poor guy that quit his job at the Burger King on Sunset Road in Charlotte off of I77, I would, but that is impossible.

The meal was another trip to a place called The Filling Station, which was all you could eat, pizza, wings, salads, subs. I say we ate there 7 out of 10 days there. I think I topped that off with a half dozen or so Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and a quart or so of milk at about 3am, which was also consumed about 7 out of 10 days.  

Good times. RIP braided belt.


I love the simplicity of this Miller Lite Ad

John Kruk and his funny uniform # story from his appearance with David Letterman 

was Beer that finally ended my career as a full-time Athlete
first Beer, then Girls, and finally
a brief fling with Crime.

S. Thompson

Beer, women and crime, it will get you everytime. 

I’ll be damned
I’m not the only one here
Looks like the whole damn town’s in the mood for a beer

“We Oughta Be Drinkin’ ”, Sheryl Crow

John Kruk, Philadelphia Phillies, Major League Baseball Player, not an athlete and professional beer drinker.