“Suicide Squad” was the 2nd movie I watched over the weekend when I was trying to lay down to take a nap. The nap never happened, and while the movie was decent in parts, I won’t be be jumping at the bit to watch it again.  The Joker was decent but it wasn’t Jack or Heath. 

Los Angeles is Gotham for a Night

I was already in bed last night when this Adam West tribute was taking place on the West Coast. A touching and fitting tribute by the Los Angeles mayor as they lit up City Hall with the famed “Bat Signal” to honor the late “Batman” actor who died at 88 years of age last Friday (6/9). 

Batman Died last night. Adam West was 88 years old.

There will be others to don the mask and play the dual role of Bruce Wayne and Batman, The Caped Crusader, but “BATMAN” has died.  Nobody will own the character the way he did. 

Adam West made an appearance on “The Big Bang Theory” and the following dialog was scripted. 


Obviously it was written for the show but there likely is some truth to it. As there have been a number of James Bond’s and for many it will always be Roger Moore, for some it will always e Sean Connery, but for me Batman will always be Adam West with others just playing the role.  If I had to rank those, I’d go West, Kilmer, Bale, Clooney, Affleck, Keaton and Lego. 

The show was corny and cheesy, but when I was a kid watching in the afternoon reruns it was perfect.  I remember being 5 or 6 years old and watching Rocky and realizing Mickey was The Penguin, Burgess Meredith played both roles perfectly. 

I watched a documentary within the past couple of years about West and it contained Adam’s plight to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and when you see some  of the ones that have been given out, it makes you question why he wasn’t given one in the 70′s. The fact that it took until 2012 is just outright insulting. So damn insulting.

Many feel he was typecast and somewhat blackballed following the show, and if you get saddled with one role, that is one helluva roll to get saddled with. 

RIP Mr. West, RIP Batman, and please take care of my car

Can’t go wrong with Batgirl, here portrayed by Alicia Silverstone, but I still prefer the ‘66 costume

If any of you see Adam and Burt out in my car today tell them to bring it back soon.