16 years ago tonight, Mike Piazza hit one of my favorite home runs of all time.  A) It meant so much to New York City, and the nation following the 9/11 attack  B) It was against the hated Braves.   

Giving the topic a  quick thought, the hobbled Kirk Gibson hitting that pinch hit home run in game one of the ‘88 World Series is the only one that comes to mind, and it gave me goose bumps just typing this paragraph. Oh to be 16 and in love with baseball again. 


19 years ago tonight, I was eating dinner at on old haunt craning my neck up to watch this little tiny POS 19″ TV that didn’t have the best reception. Mark McGwire was digging into the batter’s box and he had 61 home runs to his name. 

It was a magical chase and some will argue that it has long since been tainted, and that is fair, but it made that Summer of ‘98 magical.  Whether he ever enters Cooperstown or not, he was one of the best power hitters I ever saw.  Watching him embrace Rogers Maris’ kids and family after #62 sailed over the left field wall told me all I ever needed to know about how special it was to him.

Happy 49th birthday to the greatest hitting catcher to ever play the game. @Mikepiazza31. 

The worst baseball decision the Dodgers ever made was trading him to the Marlins. 

“With the whiff”

If this were baseball, I’d be back in the dugout after whiffing on three straight pitches.

Pitch one: High and tight but I swing anyway. I get out of bed and my back is tight and I’m walking like Fred & Grady.

Pitch two: Slider a bit off the plate, but I’m late on it. I get the the trash bend out to the curb before 9(usually runs around 11) and there is water droplets on the ground where it likely turned around at the cul de sac. 

Pitch three: A nasty knuckle ball that I had no chance of connecting with. I’m attempting to put the  can of coffee back on the shelf and the lid isn’t secure, so it spreads all over the floor, so my tight back got to have fun with cleaning up ground coffee(silver lining: it was almost empty and not my new can I purchased on Monday). 

I wish dugout was code for bed, but it’s not. Would love to be able to give this day a do-over. 

One area where Major League Baseball trumps the NFL and the NBA is the all-star game. I get the need and want to pedal more jerseys and all that good stuff, but it’s simply neat watching various uniforms play the game. Joe Morgan of the Reds is shown above shaking hands with the Dodgers Steve Garvey both wearing the home whites.  It makes the team pictures look unique. 

“Look at that, he hit the fucking bull! Guy gets a free steak!”

Crash Davis, “Bull Durham”   

Last night, Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw became the second fastest to 2,000 strikeouts. Randy Johnson hit 2k in 262 games. Kershaw pitched his 276th game last night, which betters all time strikeout leader Nolan Ryan (287) and Roger Clemens (294).