New Lyft Commercial

Whether you are on a mission to the moon, or  on a mission from God…..


I love the simplicity of this Miller Lite Ad

Websites that have a top 10/25/100 of this or that but require you to click an arrow irk me. They force me to click the back arrow and find what I’m looking for elsewhere.

I understand click hits and all that good stuff, but to me it’s about ease… See ya. 

I feel that I am in a constant battle with the media channels of the world, which are incessantly trying to penetrate the inner sanctum of my focus, because if I switch on even one channel, be it TV, radio, or Internet, I am immediately exposed to the distracting jingles and tits of advertising and corporate agendas. I can immediately feel my focus begin to erode. This constant, inexorable bamboozle, I believe, is also partially responsible for the paucity of attention that I am able to devote to any given subject.

Nick Offerman

Betty Draper, Mad Men. No this is not a Frosted Flakes ad that her hubby Don cooked up, though I’m sure it would work as one.

Dear @ebay,

Just because I look at an item, that does not mean I need 2.3 emails reminding me about it. You guys do have a “Watch this item” button, that I can click if I want to watch it, or be reminded of when it is ending. 

I get the fact that it’s just pushing something that I showed an interest in, but sometimes, it’s just seeing how something that I own is priced. Like a knife I had from when I was a kid. I saw two similar priced from 28-48.00. Sure they are in better condition, but I have zero interest in buying one and when you send me an email about it, it’s just a waste of my time.  Obviously your system is automated and will send it out anyway but it does waste one’s time.

Maybe create a “No reminders” button that would also waste a customer’s time, but would be better than getting multiple emails about it. 

If I’m interested in buying something, I know how to track it down and complete that process.