I love the simplicity of this Miller Lite Ad


Websites that have a top 10/25/100 of this or that but require you to click an arrow irk me. They force me to click the back arrow and find what I’m looking for elsewhere.

I understand click hits and all that good stuff, but to me it’s about ease… See ya. 

I feel that I am in a constant battle with the media channels of the world, which are incessantly trying to penetrate the inner sanctum of my focus, because if I switch on even one channel, be it TV, radio, or Internet, I am immediately exposed to the distracting jingles and tits of advertising and corporate agendas. I can immediately feel my focus begin to erode. This constant, inexorable bamboozle, I believe, is also partially responsible for the paucity of attention that I am able to devote to any given subject.

Nick Offerman

Betty Draper, Mad Men. No this is not a Frosted Flakes ad that her hubby Don cooked up, though I’m sure it would work as one.

Dear @ebay,

Just because I look at an item, that does not mean I need 2.3 emails reminding me about it. You guys do have a “Watch this item” button, that I can click if I want to watch it, or be reminded of when it is ending. 

I get the fact that it’s just pushing something that I showed an interest in, but sometimes, it’s just seeing how something that I own is priced. Like a knife I had from when I was a kid. I saw two similar priced from 28-48.00. Sure they are in better condition, but I have zero interest in buying one and when you send me an email about it, it’s just a waste of my time.  Obviously your system is automated and will send it out anyway but it does waste one’s time.

Maybe create a “No reminders” button that would also waste a customer’s time, but would be better than getting multiple emails about it. 

If I’m interested in buying something, I know how to track it down and complete that process. 


I understand that companies have to have marketing programs to attempt to increase sales, subscriptions,etc. 

But don’t patronize me with some bull shit that in your eyes attempts but fails to make me feel special.

I’ve been selected my ass.

I can upgrade by hitting the little button on the remote if I’m on the right channel. Don’t try to pretend that you are offering some type of exclusive mumbo jumbo crap that is not an option for anyone and everyone with your service.