I watched the first episode of “Dynasty 2017″, half looking for some form of nostalgia. They murdered it.  I gave it the one episode, and it’s a “one and done”. You can’t really blame the casting, because they were given priorities to cast, but the people that took the hatchet to the original characters just to address many social norms/issues/etc, that’s weak. Create your own show. I always liked “Dallas” better than “Dynasty”, thankfully when it was brought back they didn’t butcher it.

It wasn’t even worth an edit, and I feel like I gave it too much time as it is. 


I can’t quite “music” yet, but we have lost another legend. Fats Domino has passed away at 89.

So let’s honor one late legend with a cover from another late legend. Tom Petty covers Fats Domino’s “I’m Walking”

I think the cool kids would call this “Game recognize Game” 

Here is a rare post.  I rarely post unedited photos, but I felt to put the emphasis on my bitching, it needed to be unedited. I started watching Amazon’s “Red Oaks” season 3 last night and it’s mostly shifted from country club life to the hustle and bustle of New York City.

The main guy, David (Craig Roberts) is working for a video production company and he’s on the ground floor, fetching sandwiches and other errands, he comes back to a conference room and there are 8-10 people at the table and he starts handing out sandwiches and salads and the woman at the head of the table was supposed to be Joan Jett. Outside of shorter/dark hair and a leather jacket it was a failure. 

Meet, not Joan Jett


At least give her brown contacts.  The role was played by Augie Duke, pretty girl on her own but not a fit for Joan Jett. Heck, the girl at the sandwich shop/deli in the first scene would have done it better.