I lied, I said the next book was “Rum Punch”, but I changed my mind. I took it off the list since it’s a 2nd part of a series.  

I  just finished the audio book version of “The Moonshine War”, by Elmore Leonard, a story set in the Prohibition era of the 1930′s, in the Hills of Kentucky. It was turned into a movie in 1970 starring a 34 year old Alan Alda (will have to see if I can find a copy to watch) as Son Martin, who in the novel is the son of and an active moonshiner, who has 150 burried/hidden barrels (4500 gallons) of his daddy’s best moonshine which was  priced at $5.00 a gallon in the book, that an old Army buddy turned “revenuer man” is after. 

After watching the show “Moonshiners”, a lot of the technical “moon-shining” techniques made a lot more sense to me than if I had consumed this book say 3 or 6 months ago. 

The next book is another Elmore Leonard venture titled “Mr. Paradise”. Will get to “Rum Punch”, the novel turned into “Jackie Brown”, later. 

Current list(some of these have been on there forever).

If it weren’t for “audio books”, there is no way this is close to being reached.


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