So I don’t typically pimp my real life out here, there’s a careful divide, BUT here’s the exception. I believe everyone knows what I do, I am the executive director of a no kill animal shelter. We are a small private entity that does not get any local or federal government funding. When I joke that my job is to beg for money in creative ways, it’s actually not a joke, we exist solely on donations and fundraising so we can stay independent and therefore no kill. 

SO, here’s the pitch…You’re holiday shopping anyway, so why not spend the money you were already going to spend on a gift and give one that helps some animals. You’re buying a hoodie anyway let’s say, this particular hoodie will feed or medicate an animal in my shelter. Makes sense right? There are t shirts, long sleeve t’s, and hoodies. Here’s the link, https://www.bonfire.com/pet-placement-center-holiday-sale/ if you so choose to get one my animals thank you. 

Had to come back to this… I rarely, repost/reblog anything… but this is worthy.


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