I finished season 1 of “Get Shorty” last night. I’ve yet to read the Elmore Leonard novel, and don’t recall seeing the movie, so those will be interesting to take in, to see how they differ, to see how they are similar.  I’m still not quite used to Ray Romano with that full blown out Walton Goggins look with his hair. 

It was a good show, and I’m glad to see it’s getting a second season. I knew a couple of faces heading into it, and they were good. 

At the point where Romano was hiding at the cabin, I felt like I knew the place and it turns out I did. The same cabin was used in “Sons of Anarchy”, and in another Elmore Leonard project “Justified”, so it was neat tracking that down and putting the pieces to that puzzle together. I loved that cabin each and every time I saw it. 


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