Here is a rare post.  I rarely post unedited photos, but I felt to put the emphasis on my bitching, it needed to be unedited. I started watching Amazon’s “Red Oaks” season 3 last night and it’s mostly shifted from country club life to the hustle and bustle of New York City.

The main guy, David (Craig Roberts) is working for a video production company and he’s on the ground floor, fetching sandwiches and other errands, he comes back to a conference room and there are 8-10 people at the table and he starts handing out sandwiches and salads and the woman at the head of the table was supposed to be Joan Jett. Outside of shorter/dark hair and a leather jacket it was a failure. 

Meet, not Joan Jett


At least give her brown contacts.  The role was played by Augie Duke, pretty girl on her own but not a fit for Joan Jett. Heck, the girl at the sandwich shop/deli in the first scene would have done it better. 


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