Over the weekend I caught up with/finished AMC’s “The Son” starring Pierce Brosnan. It’s  show set between 1850-1920, centered around Brosnan’s character Eli


One thing I didn’t like about it (unless I missed it), was how they failed to adequately address the transformation of Eli, the young Indian, into Eli the Colonel.  

I can have a bit warped way of looking at things at times and this show had a feel of how it could have been a prequel to “Dallas”. Obviously it’s not, but on Dallas, Jock Ewing was born in 1909(according to google), and that would easily put him in line time was as being one of McCullough’s grandsons. Since this was dealing with ranching and the oil business it was easy to tie that concept together in my mind.  Like I said, a bit warped. Maybe warped isn’t the best word since warped is generally negative. 


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