Stray Thoughts: 5/6/2017

I had two
dreams last night in which I recall enough of them to comment.

In the first
dream, I was in a Lowes store.  I’m not
sure what I was picking up but I had a couple of things in my cart and I was
near the ceiling fan section and there was a man arguing with the Lowes
employee about something being out of stock. He said his “puter”(I’ve
heard that at Wal-mart near Atlanta
before),said that the store had model xyz in stock. The girl took him to the
shelf and showed him the empty space. She walked him over to a terminal and
showed him a zero on the screen, she made a quick call and he was huffing and
puffing and using some not so nice language and he was saying “By God I’ll
go to Home Depot”.  

A voice
boomed, “GO TO HOME DEPOT”, and he turned around startled and the
actor(Geno Segers) that played “Chayton”, from the show
“Banshee”(also in a Navy Federal Credit Union Commercial) was
standing there in a Lowes smock that barely fit him. Needless to say Johnny the
Jack Ass changed his tune and bought an in-stock model. He didn’t quite
apologize to the girl, but he didn’t cause anymore trouble.  Maybe Lowes should hire a bouncer for each
store to scare the shit out of unruly customers.

The second
one was pretty simple. I was leaning on a deck at a mountain cabin looking at
the nearby stream Watching it flow, listing to the water trickle over the rocks
as it passed by. I was drinking my morning jar of coffee and I heard the door

I turned
around and a woman walked out with a more conventional mug and wearing a
robe.  She sat down on the picnic table and
sipped at the morning brew. We were talking about needing to do this, or that
later that day. It felt like were talking about needing to close off the area
under the deck to make it more secure for some tools, a lawn mower and
everything of that sort. I pointed out a pretty fat Cardinal(the North Carolina state
bird) sitting on a limb of a nearby tree; when i turned back around her robe
was open. Time for breakfast.


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