Over the past few nights I’ve watched the 6 episode season 1 of “ Hap & Leonard” on NETFLIX.  I looked it up on imdb.com and saw a few names of people that I’ve liked in other shows, mostly Michael K.Williams(The Wire/Boardwalk Empire), Christina Hendricks(Mad Men) and Jimmi Simpson (to be honest I didn’t know his name, but know his face and he plays evil well). 

I wasn’t that aware of James Purefoy, he looked familiar but maybe it’s because he reminds me of a rough around the edges version of Tim Dekay from “White Collar”. 

The show/series was based on novels by 

Joe R. Lansdale, who I’ll be checking out(not adding to my reading list quite yet). It is essentially a treasure hunt where Hap & Leonard along with a few others try to track down a missing car that supposedly had some money in it.  I’ll leave it at that incase anyone wants to watch it.

There is a 2nd season based on another Lansdale novel and I saw that Sundance has picked it up for a 3rd season set to be released next year. 


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