Stray thoughts:4/30/2017

Stray thoughts: 4/30/2017

On to part four. 

Everything started out the same except cereal was replaced by a chunky granola bar loaded with chia seeds and numerous other things.  Same view, same balcony and furniture, and I was still naked. I still moved on to the steamy hot shower, and the big ole robe that could easily engulf someone inside it with me. 

I open the door and I finally see the face. It was a woman standing there, but her image is blinking or morphing very fast. Then it finally settled and it was like the woman was a combination of Sophia Bush(Chicago PD) and Abigail Spencer(Timeless/Rectify). Sorta like everything was combined. Her hair color was in between and layered with a bit of both and was shoulder length but a untamed, her eyes were a dark hazel, her voice had Bush’s raspiness laced with a little twang that Spencer portrayed in “Rectify”. 

She asked, “Why aren’t you dressed?”, and I’m dumbfounded because I don’t know this person. All I could say was “I just had breakfast and got out of the shower, let me get dressed.”  Walking away I was remembering how she was dressed so I could have an idea of what to wear. She had on a pair jeans, black beach shoes a white top with an unbuttoned Myrtle Beach Pelicans jersey and she was holding a hat, so it looked like we were headed to the ballpark.  I walked into my bedroom and I woke up. 

Stray thoughts: 9/26/2016

I guess we could call this part three. I question why I keep having the same dream, but even more odd is why does the cereal keep changing? This time it was “Sugar Crisps” in my bowl. A cereal I haven’t had in years. Same condo, same décor, same kitchen, same balcony, everything is the same except the cereal and the new part.

Like last time, I was able to make it to the shower where the hot water pelted my body. The crisp cool air meshing with the hot water gave the room a steamy affect. I was about finished with the shower, when I heard a knock at the door. I cut the shower off, grabbed a towel, gave everything a once over and then slipped into a huge terrycloth robe. Had I been walking down a drive way for the morning paper, I would have felt like Tony Soprano. I was reaching for the door, opened it and I saw a blink of a face and the dream was gone. I was waking up. It’s almost like I saw static from an old tv set after the station cut it’s broadcasting for the night.  

I actually woke up pissed off because I couldn’t get back in to it. This was around 4:30 this am and I read a little bit and finally faded back to sleep, but I didn’t revisit the dream. Maybe it will come back to me for the fourth installment.

5/2 to 8/14 to 9/29 If the time frame keeps at the same pace, I should be having the 4th installment in about 3 weeks. Yeah, I’m #’s geek with stuff like that.

Stray thoughts: 8/14/2016

I think everyone has reoccurring dreams the same nightmare, driving a 911, at a high rate of speed through the snake on Mulholland, or the topless blonde laying on a blanket beside a river bank waiting to be a picnic, you name it.  I copied below the original mention of this dream which was the first time that I recall having it.

It was the same dream for the most part. Same ice cold condo. location, lack of being dressed, etc.  The only difference was that the cereal I was eating was Raisin Bran. The same smells, feeling the heat from outside swarm over you as you walk from a 63 degree room out on the balcony that was in its mid-day bake.

Another difference was I dropped a raisin from my spoon and it hit the table and then down between my legs. I grabbed and flicked it off into the sky knowing a gull would find the treat at some point.

Maybe this dream had a little progress, because I finished the cereal, drank what little milk was left from the bowl, put that in the sink and went back to the master bedroom and turned on the shower. I started waking up as I felt the hot water bounce off my skin.  

Who knows, yet 3 and half months later I revisit it.

Free Writing 5/2/2016

I had one of those dreams last night where part of it was crystal clear, yet part of it was like looking through a window with years of dust and decay slapped all over it. My dad used to work for/with a family/company that one of his friends/bosses/whatever had a condo at Myrtle Beach. 2 beds, 2 bath, simple concept. Master to the right, the guest off to the left, the dining/kitchen/living room all crammed in-between (I’ll look for a diagram). It was a nice, private, secure, luxurious, pools, gym, tennis courts, a lot of amenities. After a quick search they sell today anywhere from 319-475k. I didn’t compare them to others, but they are still quite expensive. We would stay a week in the summer a few times when I was 12-17.

Well, in the dream, I wake up in this unit. It’s mostly the same, the décor is less 70’s/80’s beach bamboo, but much nicer (to me) looking filled with somewhat more modern furniture. I like simplicity in most things, even though I can be a complicated person(or so it seems).  In the dream, I wake up and walk out to the balcony. It wasn’t an ocean front, but it was on the side of this Y shaped building where only the units that were on the “street” side(top of the Y) had zero view of the ocean.




Being 17/18 floors up and it being a dream, I didn’t keep the sliding glass doors locked, the smaller “master balcony” had doors that entered into the kitchen and the master bedroom, while the kitchen also had an entry to the main/larger balcony as well, which also had doors leading into the living room and the guest room.

Well, in the dream, I went from the smaller balcony into the kitchen, grabbed a bowl, some Fruity Pebbles, added some milk and took it and my tablet out to the patio table that was on the balcony. Sitting there eating the cereal, with the only sound being the waves, the wind and a random gull flying bye. Feeling the warmth of the sun start to shine. Not knowing; why I was there, what I was about to do. Such an odd little dream.

I haven’t been in that building in over 22-23 years. The last time was in a different unit when a couple of friends and I were the cheap hired labor for another friend/coworker of my dad’s that had just purchased a unit there. I recall one of my friends saying. “What a cheap bastard, buy a million-dollar condo, and hire us to paint it.” (he was known to inflate the value of things, but maybe it was a million dollar condo in the early 90’s). In the end, he likely had to have it professional painted, but in the very least there were a few stories that came from that 4-5-day period. I might have documented one or two so far. Maybe not. I can’t recall.

Either way it was just an odd little dream. Fruity Pebbles, 11am, Myrtle Beach, half or fully naked on a high rise balcony. Odd indeed.



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