Blind date with a book?

I saw a post on another blog with a smaller image, and it’s the first I’ve seen of something like this. I’m not sure I’d be willing to drop $10-15-20 on something I might not enjoy.  This is something that I could see me doing more at a library, but I’m either too poor or too frugal to drop money on something like this.

In a way I do it each month with Amazon’s Kindle first program when Prime members get to choose between one of 6 titles each month.

That isn’t quite blind, but in a way the short review is like the black letters on the paper. Obviously one could turn to Google or and learn more about one of the six options, but that is a little too much effort. This month I chose, “Beach Lawyer” by Avery Duff, above. I haven’t started it yet(I’m trying to whittle down my reading list before adding more). 

I’ve known about the program for about 8 months and have  stock-pilled a book each month. I’ve read one so far, and it was good. It was called “The Night Bird” by Brian Freeman, the first novel of his I’ve read. I like the program(it’s free, I doubt I’d even pay $1.00 for one of them unless it really jumped out at me). 


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