Last night, I finished “Fire In The Hole” by Elmore Leonard. I knew it was going to be short and quick and likely very familiar. It was originally published in a book of short stories and has it down as 240 pages.   

It was very familiar to parts of season one of the FX show “Justified”. While it was an outstanding show, and I wish it was still on and I would take it back on FX in a minute, this was one that I really wish would have been on HBO/Showtime/Cinemax so there were fewer restrictions to be placed on it.

Spoiler Alert, but it’s not a huge secret. 

The story differed some from  the show in that Raylan Givens, the US Marshall shot and killed criminal Boyd Crowder when he put a gun on his sister-in-law Ava Crowder who also had a gun on Boyd.  Thankfully in the show this didn’t happen exactly like that and Boyd lived and was his trouble making self throughout the entire show. 

Boyd on the show was far more likeable and a bit toned down on some of his racially based rants than he was in the book, but in the show he seemed like he was screaming white power, and creating the skin-head army more so to simply attract a group to help him fight the fights that he wanted to fight as opposed to purely being some backwoods racist. 

15 becomes 14


After finishing it, I was able to knock 5% more out of “Raylan”, before my eyes started to close. It’s the 4th and final Raylan Givens installment that Elmore Leonard wrote. 

Ole Hunter and I had  short visit while I was waiting on my computer to reboot after it gave me one of those lovely blue screens. 


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