Last night I finished “Riding The Rap”, but Elmore Leonard. It’s the 2nd of four “Raylan Givens” novels. This one seems to cut into the “Justified” timeline since the first novel “Pronto”, basically took you up to the opening scene in “Justified”. This one is about a couple of amature crooks that kidnap Harry(the bookmaker from “Pronto”, in a scheme to fleece him of his money, with Raylen, being more of a friend at this point than U.S. Marshall trying to track him down. 

It was a decent read, a little slow here and there. I knocked about 40% of it out the night before last when I had trouble falling back asleep following the chilling dream. I was able to knock the final 10% out last night.

“Fire In The Hole”, is the next Leonard book, I’ll start. From what I read, parts of it were based on season 1 of “Justified”, and it introduces the world to “Boyd Crowder”. I know from watching the show and reading about it a bit that Boyd doesn’t make it through the book, but it should be an interesting read.

16 becomes 15

I’m proud that I haven’t cheated and added any more after adding the other three Elmore Leonard “Raylan Givens” series. 


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