Last night, I watched the documentary titled “Catfish”. My thoughts about it are a bit all over the place.   It was interesting that is for sure, but it was also sad, but I get it. 

I think the filmmakers themselves were a bit warped because who starts documenting meeting someone like that. Even if it’s online, through facebook, twitter, or whatever form of social media that Bill Belichick continues to murder. That to me was as strange as anything shown on any frame of the film. 

Hi I’m Kevin, let me document this.. You are?  Oh okay, nice to meet you. Let’s save this as file 20170409xxxx.  That’s pretty bat-shit-crazy on it’s own.  Let me pull up chat file xyz to prove you said this or that.  

I have a former friend that used to spin lie after lie to people, both that he met online and in real life with the stories ranging from him being a lawyer to a stock broker as opposed to the truth that he peddles plated jewelry(before he added drugs to the equation). Which only one of a few reasons I referred to him as a “former friend”.   

I never understood it because what if you kick over the right rock and stumble upon “The one”, what do you do with that web of lies you’ve spun? They say  “love conquers all”, but I don’t see it conquering all of that. There is a funny story, that I need to write up, If I haven’t already, where he got put on the spot about being a “attorney”.   He also got sent on a wild goose chase way back in the days of AOL.  A 1-2am meeting at a gas station with a girl that never showed, with myself and another friend sitting at the slightly elevated Bojangles laughing about it. Good times. 

The lengths that this woman went to is simply amazing, scary and sad. I agree with the guy when he said the creativity and and imagination was impressive. Maybe she should try her hand at writing a book.  I’d give it a look.

As someone that often needs an escape from a rut-filled reality,  I can understand why the woman would want some form of escape. I guess this tumblr account is some form of  an escape, though I’m not putting on any made up make believe stories about who or what I am, I can still understand it.  If anything I probably come off more “at peace” or “happier” than I actually am.   I still think that is why my reading has increased, or watching of shows. Just an escape from my own mind and world.  I’ve jotted some ideas down of various short stories and or novels/screenplays blah blah blah but nothing will ever come of it. 

I haven’t searched any further about this yet(key word being yet), but my gut has to question the authenticity of parts of it. But, at the end of the day it was interesting and entertaining. I guess that is all that matters.


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