Stray Thoughts: 3/28/2017

With this entry we
take another strange trip to a dream I had last night. One that I can’t
pinpoint where the seed came from or even dare to begin to explain it.

It begin at a
restaurant/bar & grill in my hometown. I was standing there sipping a
whiskey with a couple of friends. The mood/setting made it seem like we were
simply unwinding and catching up following a viewing at a funeral home. Whose?
I don’t know. The dream itself seems familiar, where parts of it seem like a
memory, and parts I know have never happened.

We decide to take
them out on the side deck, which way back when would usually have either live
music, a DJ, or in the worst case scenario a karaoke machine going on. In this
case it was a man with a banjo and a long tall blonde woman with a microphone.
They were taking requests and the first song I recall hearing was “Love Me
Do” by The Beatles, which in my mind was pretty interesting to hear with a
banjo and a little twang.

Déjà vu is working overtime at this point because I
feel like I could swear on a Bible that I’ve typed parts of this out before, or
at least a part of it seems eerily similar.

We walk towards the
back of the patio (which is actually closer to the street), they had the stage
area deeper into the lot. All of the tables have been claimed. Some faces you
recognize, some you don’t. It was a warm summer evening and the sport coat was
a bit to warm so I offered to take all 3 to the car. Of course that gracious
offer came with a cost of picking up three more whiskeys and 3 more beers on my
way back through. The bartender asked how I was going to carry all that and I
said “just put it in a 6 pack container and I’ll manage.” I didn’t
know her but she looked familiar almost like a ghost of a 20 year old from long
ago. I asked, “Is there any chance your mother’s name is Karla?”. She
said, “yes it is, why?”.  I
responded with “You look so much like her it’s scary, not in a bad way,
just time machine type stuff.” She giggled and handed me the container. I
said tell her “Kevin from high school said hello”. She said,
“sure thing” and i turned and worked my way back outside and towards
my friends who had stalked out the table of women and a couple of guys closest
to us.  Turns out I knew most of
them.  One used to be a neighbor, I
hadn’t seen her in 15-20 years. If this were a movie, the banjo picker would be
picking a tune while the woman belted out “Brown Eyed Girl”, and
Niki even with blue eyes was living the lyric “my how you have
grown”.  I handed the cardboard
container to one of my friends and did the round of introductions and good to
see you and all that good stuff.

After seeing our
“driver”, kill two of three whiskeys I knew at that point I would be
the one driving and went with Coca-cola for the rest of the night. The music
played, the beer flowed and then there was a larger group crawling into my
buddy’s Suburban heading back to the Holiday Inn after a brief stop at a Wilco
to pick up some more beer, we continued the journey to the hotel. Everyone at
the table was in town for their 20th high school reunion which was officially
the next day/evening/night.

A couple of the
married couples decided to call it a night and appreciated the ride back to the
hotel. Seven of us made our way out to the pool. Even though I knew the
families that owned the hotel, I told my pair of drunken friends to try to keep
it down. You can’t help but know people in small towns.

I’ll stick with the
names I used for them in/on  YD&B,
Seth(it was his Suburban) had gone back to his room with two of the girls to
smoke some grass (they never returned).
Kelly, was sitting on the edge of the pool with a girl also named Kelly
and I was sitting at a table with Niki just talking about everything under
the sun.

The male Kelly wanted
me to toss him two beers, so I lobbed them up with enough distance that if he
didn’t catch them that in the very least they are in the pool as opposed to the
cement, but he caught each one. I opened two more handed one to Niki and took
a swig of my own.  

She told me about her brother’s job with Bank of America and how he was pretty
high up in the IT security section of it. We talked about her parents moving to
Cleveland, and then back to Winston-Salem, she showed me a picture of parents
and her mom hadn’t changed all that much but that section of hair her dad had around
his ears was now 97.4% gray. I don’t think I’d see him since my father’s
funeral. He’s the guy with the Fiat that I mentioned in a post at some point. 

told me about her marriage, the ups, the downs and then the divorce. She pulled
out her phone and said here is my little girl, and she told me to swipe through
some images. Like the bartender and her mom, her daughter Mary looked just like
she did when she was that age. I swiped back through basketball season,
Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and then when I got to Halloween, I
realized I saw something I shouldn’t see.
I put the phone down. I guess I had a physical reaction or something because
she asked, “What?”. I simply shook my head, smiled mouthing “not
a thing” and tried not to day dream. She picked the phone up and saw the
topless picture that she still had on the phone and she blushed. I said,
“It’s quite alright, it was breathtaking”.  Surprises can be like that. She blushed, I
smiled, she blushed some more and I simply said “beautiful”.

I’ll stop here… I
might finish it at some point.


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