I finished the book “The Night Bird”, by Brian Freeman early this morning. It was a book of firsts. It was my first Brian Freeman book and it was my first book that I’ve finished from the “Amazon Kindle First” program where they allow you to choose 6 books each month. 

It was an interesting book centered around a psychrisast that was being tormented for helping a murderer get off. She basically had a history of helping erase memories to help patients fight fears and phobias.  I’ll check out other Freeman books. I tend to leave comments on books a bit vague just in case someone out there is wanting to read it.

I’m about 50% and 25% through the audiobooks of Norm MacDonald and Bukowski’s Ham on Rye. I’m still slowly working my way through a couple of others. I’m just so tired at night that I’m usually falling asleep soon after picking the tablet up(I’m not complaining, that is a good thing). 

17 Becomes 16(again)


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