Stray Thoughts: 3/8/2017

I had a couple of dreams last night, but can only piece together the tail end of one.

I want to say it was more of a continuation to the one I had the other night where I was back on my old street. I was walking back towards my house from the house that one of my friends now owns.  

Off to the left and across the street from my house were some kids playing in a sand box. I saw 2-3 little black bear cubs come to the edge of the road out of my yard. Then here comes big black momma bear looking towards the sand box. At that point I knew I needed to get her attention and started banging on the mailbox and then throwing magazines in her direction. She turned towards me and roared. I hit her in the chest with a magazine (ouch right?) and then lunged at her and then she and the little cubs took off back to the woods. I turn around and see my neighbor out there shaking his head and laughing at the whole scene. 

I’m thinking he’s laughing at me when he should be keeping a better eye on his grandkids. 


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