More fun with “card services”.

A guy calls from a California #, quick google search, it’s a scam. Thick Indian accent.

He asks me how many credit cards I have?  10-11 maybe 12.

What type? I list a few major ones, Best Buy, Walmart, Billy’s Appliance Superstore

How much do you owe?  About 62. Hundred?  No thousand. 

How much on your Discover? about 4grand.

What is your Discover # starting with 6011? 1234 then I made up 8 more #’s.

Really?  Yes, when I’m ordering stuff, they always think I’m pulling their leg when i say 1234, but they run it, it’s good. 

Expiration? 4/17  they need to send me a new one soon.

Zip Code? 90210   90210?  Nine Zero Two One Zero 

Last 4 of your social?  4466  John Riggins and Joe Jacoby 

Hold on one minute. Okay

I hear him pecking away at a keyboard, talking to someone and then getting yelled at by someone else, I start to laugh and he rattles off something in a language I didn’t understand. I laughed some more.   I should have gone all Yabba Dabba Dabba  Do or  

Hah mishy gishy gushy gushy mishy meshy mushy, motherfucker.

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