Last night, I finished the Nick Offerman book “Gumption” via the audiobook version and having “Ron Swanson” read it made it more enjoyable than reading it on my own.

When I was waiting on my coffee earlier, I was thinking about the best way to describe it. It felt a bit like you were in a lecture hall listening to a professor wax poetically about what he wanted you to know as opposed to what some department chair said you needed to know. 

Here is a list of who he spoke at length about:

I’ll share his “epilogue” to give a very tiny hint of the read. I can almost picture Benny Franklin “fucking” with recessed lights in amazement.

In a way it was the closest thing I’ve had to a history lesson since taking some bullshit survey class in college. Needless to say it was far more interesting and entertaining than any history class I’ve had outside of that day in 10th grade when the teacher called a classmate “Mental Midget” and he flipped her overhead over as he was leaving the room in a rage.  

If any of the names on the list above interest you, then it’s worth picking it up at the library just to read that chapter. I’ve created a couple of new tabs to pursue a couple of the subjects a bit more at a later date.

I shared a quote last night that Offerman recited from George Saunders, an author. 

That might be one of the best and most profound quotes or pieces of advice that I’ve ever read. I think I know what it is or would be, but I’m simply not in a position to accomplish it. I likely never will be.

Moving Forward:

I added 3 more books by Charles Bukowski since they are available in audiobook format, which might allow for me to complete them quicker. But I am going to try not to add anything else to this list until I cut it in half. Now, if a new book by Sandford/Connelly/Tropper(not happening) comes out in that time frame then I’ll likely add it, but I’m going to try my best to leave it at these for now.


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