Stray Thoughts: 3/5/2017

I had another
strange dream and after the Mardi-Gras dream, I think this one would only
quantify as “semi-strange”.

This one found me
jumping around scene to scene in my old home town. Parts of it makes me believe
that I was 16/17 during the dream.

The first part I
recall had me standing in between the old fieldhouse and concession stand down
at the football field. There was a mom and a daughter standing there as well
and said they were waiting on the head football coach. His truck was parked
there, but he was likely off running during his planning period.

I walked around the
corner and saw my old baseball coach coming out of the fieldhouse and he had
his hands full of gym clothes. T-shirts and shorts and handed them to me and
said go put them on this shelf and then when the washer stops, put those
clothes in the dryer.

That part faded
into me standing in front of my parent’s house. At this point I couldn’t tell
if it was still our house or not since I didn’t recognize any of the cars in
the drive way. I walked by the mailbox, and it was full with mail addressed to
my family, and I took it out and it was filled up again, (I’ve had this part of
the dream before months ago).   I walked
around to the end of the street and then looked over to the neighbor’s house
across the street, but nobody was home.
In present day, one of my close friends owns the house at the top of the
street so I was walking in that direction and from where I was standing, I
should only be able to see his drive way and a bit of his yard, but it was like
I could see through the woods and see this huge for sale sign on the doors that
walk out from his basement.

I then faded to
where I was behind a church/house that was where an old flame lived.  A couple of cars passed, I waved, and there
was no response, it was almost as if I was invisible, because a return wave was
customary even if you didn’t have a clue who just threw up their hand.  There wasn’t much to this part.

My next visit was
down the road a bit from another friend’s house and it was night, cold and
rainy. I was lying on the ground on my stomach for some reason and then I saw
headlights coming down the hill. The car sounded like an old early 80’s
Mercedes running on diesel (a distinct sound), and I rolled off the road as
much as I could into some bushes, but felt like I was still there for the world
to see and as the car got closer it then slowed and started to turn like it was
going to drive right through the bushes and that is where I woke up.

As I sit here and type this out, I feel that there is still something missing
from it even though, with the few details I was able to jot down, there has
been far more recall than normal. It’s still a bit frustrating feeling like
there is something missing from it.

Oh well, that’s all
I have.


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