I once knew a girl named “Jena”( I won’t get into those details), but she and 95% of everyone around her would pronounce her name like the start of the name Jennifer… Gin-ah. 

After I switched to Spotify and found “Small Town” on the Johnny “COUGAR” station, it shifted to a song named “Jena”, one that I don’t ever recall hearing. He sings it by pronouncing it like “Gina” or “Gee-na” and she would get disturbed when someone would pronounce her name that way. “Gin-ah, like the drink”.. Wouldn’t that be Gin-and as in Gin and Tonic. Yes, it would rile her up a bit.  She soon started to say “like the liquor”.  Who doesn’t like the licker.   She couldn’t win. 

I should call into a radio station and dedicate it to her. That would be fitting. Do radio stations even do that any more?


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