Stray Thoughts: 3/2/2017

Some dreams are
entirely out of the blue. Some are grown from little seeds that were planted in
the previous day/week/insert your preferred amount of time here. Yesterday I
saw some footage/images of Mardi Gras in New Orleans, so without further ado.

Last night I had a dream that I was sitting on a balcony of a hotel on or near
Bourbon Street in the French Quarter in New Orleans and Mardi Gras was in full

I’ve never been to
New Orleans (it would make for an interesting trip), and I guess the closest
thing to Mardi Gras that I’ve ever experienced would be Senior Week at Myrtle
Beach, or maybe some random New Year’s Eve out and about in Charlotte or
Winston-Salem. Yeah I realize that none of those can really begin to compare
and it’s like saying the closest you’ve come to eating authentic Italian food
is a lunch at Olive Garden. I get it, I really do.

I sat on a chair people watching most of the night drinking whiskey and puffing
on a pretty fat Cuban cigar (I don’t smoke). I likely saw 500 plus random pairs
of breasts that were flashed in a fair economic trade for beads in various
sizes and colors. I guess that is really fitting since the breasts were in
various sizes and colors too.

At one point, I
went inside and ate dinner that was served by room service. I wasn’t alone, I
had a companion.  She had shortish dark
brown hair, a skin tone that was dancing between olive and a nice summer tan.
The name Isabel comes to mind, but I don’t know one.  Dinner was a pair of T-bones, peppers, onions,
a baked potato with a medium sized strawberry shortcake for dessert.  Izzy didn’t eat all of her steak, but I took
care of that problem.  The waiter had
brought up another bottle of whiskey which was going down as smooth as

We made love after
dinner and took a brief nap. I woke up and she still had her tank top around her
waist. I took a picture of the site I was seeing, but I let her sleep. I
grabbed my boxers and shirt, then went out to the balcony and lit up another
cigar (again, I do not smoke). The day was breaking through the sky and I saw a
woman running wrapped in a sheet and she was being chased by two men. One
white, one black, each had pistols drawn.
She ignored every door that was on the street and every stumbling person
that she passed. The guys started to gain ground and I looked down and picked
up a rifle and popped each in the hip, they fell into a river of lava and the
shots sent everyone else for cover.  I
put the gun down, sat back down and Isabel came out asked what the noise was.
As she massaged my neck and shoulders I explained what had just happened.

She led me back
inside, and I stopped and picked up the gun, and the whiskey since it was
staring to sprinkle. I woke up as I was shutting the door, right after I had
turned and saw her removing the tank top the proper way this time.


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