Overnight, I plugged my tablet in as opposed to my phone, since I was reading as I was falling asleep and I thought my phone had enough power to make it through the night.  It didn’t. I woke up and the battery was dead so I plugged it in.

A few moments ago, I reached for it to see how much it had charged and I had a USA Today alert that actor Bill Paxton had passed away at 61.  It stunned the hell out of me, from both his age and his death. I knew he was older than me, but I figured he was in mid 50′s. 

I’ve watched the handful of his “Training Day” episodes and I think I’ve liked him more in that than anything.  Just an off the cuff, no filter cop, who is likely a bit dirty, but he played the role really well. I was really looking forward to more episodes.   I recently finished “Big Love” and he was good in that.  

I don’t think I full appreciated his talent over the years. He was funny in “Weird Science”, and was  outstanding westerns such as “Tombstone”, “Texas Rising” and the “Hatfields and McCoys”.

Really stunning news. RIP 


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