I had to call back into the Malaysian Call Center of Paypal the past two days.. Trying to get a mistake they made corrected. They call it random, but 85%+ isn’t random. 

The lady that I spoke to claimed her name was “Princess”, I’m sure that it might be a nickname she uses simply because her real name is harder to pronounce or for me to understand. Over time I’ve encountered a few Bob’s and Bill’s while there is zero chance that is their real name.  Princess? Are you freaking kidding me?  Princess? Princess is a tea cup Chihuahua that is snarling and is wearing a Boa in the cart at Petsmart.  

At least the girl I spoke to today went by Pearl. 

Next time I’ll lie and say I’m James Dean or Bob Denver, one of the of the cool cats from way back when. 


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