Stray Thoughts: 2/4/2017

I got reminded of a memory from way back when a bit ago, so
I thought I’d type it up.

This is back in high school. A couple of friends and I were
hanging out at one guy’s house waiting on a basketball game.  He lived next door to one of our assistant
football coaches, a little fiery 5’6 runt of man that somehow played
Quarterback in high school and college. He was married to his high school
sweetheart and had two kids.  A daughter
a couple of years younger than us (putting her in about the 8th
grade), and a son who was likely in 6th.

The son was outside shooting basketball so we went out and started shooting
with him.  A bit later, the mom (35ish at
the time I guess), came out and asked if we wanted some tea.  So, we all went in for some tea. She asked
her son to hand her an ice tray, he went to get it and we are sitting on bar
stools waiting.  The kid, who could get
loud pretty easily, beams “Mom! why is there a banana in the freezer”.  He picks it up, and is holding it, sorta had
that Steve Stifler look on his face when he was holding the dildo in “American
Pie 2”, She turned bright red. He kept asking, and she kept saying there are
tons of things in the freezer. 

He didn’t get the answer he wanted, one of my
friends was a bit slow on the uptake, and given that this was 1988, there wasn’t
any internet, or whatever, but her reaction said exactly what that frozen
banana was used for.  She kept trying to
explain it to him, that it was like anything, freezing it makes it last longer,
I about choked on my tea at that point and her red face was bordering on a
light burgundy at that point.

Later on, in the year, at our sports banquet, a lot of the
coaches/parents got stuck with dishing out the food and such and she was in
charge of desserts. A couple of us were in line and she asked what dessert we
wanted Someone said a piece of pie, and I couldn’t really hold back to ask for
some banana pudding. She looked up and turned bright red again. Her husband,
wasn’t a teacher, but just a volunteer coach and he never let on like he got
told that story.  As I mentioned he was
shorter than most of us and his “go to move”, was to grab you by the facemask
and jerk you down to his level, (he’d likely get fired for some of that today),
but he never jumped in any of our shit about a frozen banana.

I really do like banana pudding.


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