I’ve been a bit infatuated with the idea of an outdoor shower ever since seeing one off a little bungalow in Costa Rica while watching some show on HGTV. It’s one of the ones where the agent shows a person/couple/whatever 3 places and they choose one.

The one pictured isn’t exactly what I would design, but I like it. It’s nice. Not perfect, but I’d take it at the snap of a finger. 

In my vision the perfect one is stone, it has a door, comes up to about my shoulder tops. You certainly want to be able to see out of it. It would have a nice bench built into it. Maybe a couple of shower heads coming down from the top, and a couple of handhelds  built into the wall. 

Even when you exclude the idea of having someone in there with you, just the idea of a day like today, 40 degree weather, a hot steamy shower. Would be nice. I think I’d have one of those tiny dryers built into the side just to put robes in for when it was cold outside. 

Would be nice. 


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